Jack Sniffs Out Dina’s Lie!

This week on THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS, Dina must deal with the fall­out from her de­ci­sion to claim that she — not Gra­ham — hired a P.I. to take pho­tos of Jack and Nikki. Of course, the prob­lem with lies is that they can too eas­ily trip you up!

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The In Depth Story: Jack was al­ready peeved that his mom let Gra­ham read con­fi­den­tial Jabot files. So when Dina revealed that she was re­spon­si­ble for spy­ing on him and Nikki — and send­ing the pics to Vic­tor — Jack’s short fuse got a lot shorter!

Dina isn’t aware of her son’s fur y un­til she re­quests her lap­top so she can work at home, and Jack tells her not to worry as he hasn’t given her any work to do! While Dina has been hav­ing some mem­ory is­sues, she isn’t a fool. Sens­ing her first­born’s cold­ness, Dina tries to pla­cate him by re­port­ing that she’s spo­ken to Vic­tor, who as­sured her that he won’t re­tal­i­ate against Jack and Nikki. Know­ing Vic­tor much bet­ter than that, Jack blasts his mother for be­ing naïve. In fact, Jack is cer­tain that his en­emy is cur­rently plot­ting nu­mer­ous ways to take him down!

Dis­miss­ing Jack as para­noid, Dina in­sists that Nikki is only us­ing him to ei­ther make Vic­tor jeal­ous or to line her own pock­ets! Even though Jack con­cedes that Nikki might have been ma­te­ri­al­is­tic in the past, he in­sists that she’s changed. And one of those ways that she’s changed is be­ing over Vic­tor for good!

As their ar­gu­ment es­ca­lates, Jack again slams Dina for aban­don­ing the fam­ily, mak­ing her won­der why he can’t be­lieve she’s changed the way Nikki has. Jack ad­mits that he had be­gun to be­lieve it… un­til Dina hired some­one to spy on him! Ex­as­per­ated, Dina ar­gues that she didn’t hire the P.I. but cuts her­self off, hor­ri­fied at the un­in­ten­tional slip!

Ah, but Jack hears enough and takes all of a nanosec­ond to de­duce whom Dina is pro­tect­ing! Will the dis­cov­ery of Gra­ham’s in­ter­fer­ence be the fi­nal straw that pushes Jack to join forces with Ash­ley and take down the in­ter­loper?

“And an­other thing,” Jack blasted Dina, “I never for­gave you for toss­ing the mac­a­roni neck­lace I made for you in preschool!”

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