Will Billy’s at­tempt to help Vic­to­ria de­stroy his re­la­tion­ship with Phyl­lis?

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THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Billy has al­ways been a gam­bler, so it’s not re­ally sur­pris­ing that this week, he dou­bles down on his de­ci­sion to use live-in love Phyl­lis for a lit­tle cor­po­rate es­pi­onage. Un­for­tu­nately, the hunk ap­pears to have for­got­ten his own gam­bling his­tory — you know, where it all blows up in his face! Could we soon see his­tory re­peat­ing it­self… ex­cept in­stead of los­ing Vic­to­ria, Billy Boy will be say­ing bye-bye to Phyl­lis?

Billy is not the kind of guy who quits while he’s ahead! After suc­cess­fully get­ting onto the Jabot server (thank you, Phyl­lis!) and dis­cov­er­ing Jack’s plans to re­launch Jabot Ju­nior, Billy de­vises yet an­other scheme to get in­sider in­for­ma­tion on his fam­ily’s com­pany… which, of course, means get­ting his hands again on his sweet­heart’s lap­top! In or­der to do that, Billy sur­prises Phyl­lis with an ap­point­ment he’s booked for her at the spa, which in turn earns him a kiss for his thought­ful­ness — and the beauty hand­ing over her lap­top so she won’t have to lug it around dur­ing the spon­ta­neous treat. While Billy feels elated that his plan is pro­ceed­ing so per­fectly, could he also be feel­ing some­thing else? Like maybe guilt for hood­wink­ing his girl­friend?

“Oh, he’s def­i­nitely feel­ing guilty,” in­sists Ja­son Thomp­son (Billy). “But in his mind, he’s try­ing to jus­tify it [by say­ing] that it’s just busi­ness. No harm, no foul, be­cause no­body’s go­ing to find out be­sides Vic­to­ria. And even though a part of him is def­i­nitely feel­ing guilty, he feels like he can han­dle it!”

Billy might shrug off his be­trayal of Phyl­lis, but Vic­to­ria is a lot un­easier about con­tin­u­ing to play dirty pool against Jack. In fact, when Billy calls to tell her that he has Phyl­lis’ com­puter and is about ready to cruise through their rival’s data­bases, she fears the risk of get­ting caught is too great and or­ders him to back off.

Un­for­tu­nately, Billy isn’t lis­ten­ing! Thomp­son be­lieves his al­ter ego isn’t just be­ing stub­born — he’s be­ing his typ­i­cal adrenalin junkie and gam­bling ad­dict self! “I ab­so­lutely think there is some of that go- ing on,” in­sists the ac­tor. “His af­fair with Phyl­lis be­gan with them hid­ing and sneak­ing around and hav­ing this height­ened sen­si­tiv­ity to ev­ery­thing. It’s an ad­dic­tion in­side of him that comes out in cer­tain ways!”

“[Billy] be­lieves he’s go­ing to get away with what he’s do­ing. He thinks he’s just that good!”

The Jack At­tack!

One of those ways is Billy’s sin­gle- minded com­mit­ment — dare we say obsession? — with tak­ing down his big brother! “Billy feels that if he takes out Jabot, then he gets back at Jack,” shares Thomp­son. “I don’t think that Billy looks at Phyl­lis and their re­la­tion­ship as be­ing part of [his vendetta]. He feels they are mak­ing it work. He loves her and she loves him. But at the same time, his brother has done a lot to make him pay [for the af­fair with Phyl­lis]. Billy knows that it’s per­sonal with Jack, and it’s now be­come per­sonal with Billy.”

His prior suc­cess at in­fil­trat­ing Jabot feeds Billy’s cock­i­ness to do it again. “He’s very con­fi­dent,” con­cedes Thomp­son. “I don’t think there’s any in­di­ca­tion that any­body knows that any­thing is go­ing on right now. He be­lieves that he’s go­ing to get away with what he’s do­ing.

“He thinks,” he adds with a grin, “that he is just that good!”

Love On The Line!

Billy may be clever, but some­one needs to tell him that Jack has been play­ing these kinds of ma­nip­u­la­tive games since his kid brother was in di­a­pers! Could the sly mogul ac­tu­ally be set­ting a booby trap, which would not only ex­plode on Billy, but an­ni­hi­late Brash & Sassy, dev­as­tate Vic­to­ria and, last but not least, de­stroy his re­la­tion­ship with Phyl­lis? “Billy knows that the rea­son Jack is work­ing these an­gles is he’s hop­ing to break Billy and Phyl­lis up,” says Thomp- son. “When he looks at Jack, he sees him try­ing to sab­o­tage Brash & Sassy. He’s the one who has made this war per­sonal!

“For Billy, get­ting on Phyl­lis’ com­puter — as much as it is dis­hon­est and a vi­o­la­tion of trust in their re­la­tion­ship — it is just busi­ness,” he adds. “Yeah, he’s guilty, but at the same time, he feels like every­body in Genoa City has done a lot worse than him! Right now, though, he thinks he can do this and will get away with it. But if he’s found out, he may have to pay the piper! It won’t be busi­ness any­more. It’s go­ing to get a lot more per­sonal for him!”

In Billy’s mind, he’s only betraying Phyl­lis be­cause of… Jack!

Billy may be play­ing right into Jack’s hands.

Be­low: “Billy knows [betraying Phyl­lis’ trust] is wrong,” ad­mits his por­trayer.

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