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Y&R Hot Topic: Can Cane & Lily’s Mar­riage Be Saved?

Okay, we know there are a heck of a lot of Lane sup­port­ers out there, so please don’t get mad when we con­fess that we’re kind of dig­ging the mar­i­tal strife be­tween THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Cane and Lily. Let’s be hon­est: nei­ther of them have been com­plete an­gels over the years, what with Lily cheat­ing on her hubby and Cane’s pat­tern of reg­u­larly ly­ing to his wife. Hav­ing been down this road be­fore with the char­ac­ters, we fully ex­pected to get that déjà vu feel­ing. But we’ve been riv­eted by the emo­tional high-wire Cane is walk­ing, floun­der­ing as ev­ery de­ci­sion he makes only seems to make things worse. Por­tray­ers Daniel God­dard and Chris­tel Khalil have never been more com­pelling than they have been dur­ing Lily and Cane’s lat­est cri­sis. On soaps, happy cou­ples tend to be bor­ing cou­ples… and one thing this pair def­i­nitely is not right now is bor­ing!

Over And Out!

I hope they don’t rec­on­cile. To me, Cane has mor­phed into a self­ish wimp, one who has yet to re­ally ac­cept and own his guilt. Lily is al­most too un­der­stand­ing, and I do not want her with Jor­dan. She needs to take time for her­self and her kids. And it would be fine with me if Cane and baby­mama Juliet ride off into the sun­set, never to re­turn! Lynn Camp­bell via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Still Feelin’ The Love!

Cane and Lily still love each other. Most view­ers don’t even be­lieve the baby is his or that he even slept with Juliet. Many think that she has an agenda which hasn’t been revealed. She lied about the sex­ual ha­rass­ment and sued un­der false pre­tenses. Cane is ba­si­cally a de­cent man who loves his fam­ily. Mar­sha Cole via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Con Job

I still don’t be­lieve that Cane is the fa­ther of Juliet’s baby. I think she’s in ca­hoots with Jor­dan with all the fake doc­u­ments and ei­ther Jor­dan or the guy in Tokyo is the fa­ther of that baby. It hasn’t come out yet in the sto­ry­line but I would bet any­thing we’re go­ing to get a big shocker about it sooner rather than later! Donna Strade-calder via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Lily Cheated, Too!

Cane for­gave Lily for cheat­ing not once but twice, and with the same man! The only dif­fer­ence is that when Cane cheated, he was drunk and didn’t re­al­ize it un­til the next day.

Tracey Dozier via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Say It Isn’t So!

That can’t be Cane’s baby. Juliet is a phony and a liar! Why are the writ­ers do­ing this to Cane? It makes me want to stop watch­ing this soap!!!! Donna Scott via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

“When we have make-up sex — and we will have make-up sex —it is go­ing to be epic.”

How could Juliet not fall for a guy who looked so good… even when pout­ing!

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