Mariah Kid­naps Alice!

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Fed-up with Vic­tor’s machi­na­tions, Nick told Faith that her grand­fa­ther had evicted them from the ranch! Up­set, Faith con­fronted Vic­tor, who turned around and blasted Nick for turn­ing the lit­tle girl against him! In a vin­dic­tive mood, The Mus­tache called Kevin, or­der­ing the com­puter whiz to re­turn to Genoa City to hack into Nick’s bank ac­counts as well as Nikki’s E-mail and phone! When Devon brought mu­sic pro­ducer Irv West to lis­ten to Tessa, Scott rec­og­nized the man’s “girl­friend” as Natalia from the sex ring! Later, Scott ob­served Zack’s ner­vous­ness when he men­tioned writ­ing about the sex traf­fick­ing ring that was op­er­at­ing in town. When Zack short­changed Natalia her fee, she stole Alice’s phone and mes­saged Tessa that Crys­tal was safe. Mean­while, Mariah used Kevin as a sound­ing board about her feel­ings for Tessa. With Kevin’s en­cour­age­ment, Mariah tried open­ing up to Tessa, but clammed up when her gal pal told her that she viewed her as fam­ily! The duo fo­cused on sav­ing Crys­tal — which meant kid­nap­ping Alice! But when they re­moved their vic­tim’s blind­fold, Alice took one look at Cassie’s twin and fainted!


Dina promised to keep Gra­ham away from Jabot busi­ness while main­tain­ing her staunch sup­port for her com­pan­ion. De­ter­mined to ex­pose the man, Ash­ley searched his ho­tel room and found a bill for a re­tire­ment home in Florida, which she traced to Gra­ham’s sup­pos­edly dead mother, Myrna! Un­der­stand­ably en­raged to dis­cover Ash­ley in his ho­tel room, Gra­ham blasted Dina for giv­ing her daugh­ter the key. While ar­gu­ing, Dina blurted out that Ash­ley was not John Ab­bott’s bi­o­log­i­cal daugh­ter! Re­gret­ting her out­burst, Dina warned Gra­ham to keep quiet, or else he would be dead to her! Armed with the in­for­ma­tion about Gra­ham’s not-so-dead mother, Ash­ley and Jack dis­cov­ered that she was orig­i­nally from Genoa City. Mean­while, Jack and Nikki went to the Ab­bott cabin, and were again caught on cam­era kiss­ing! The mys­teri-

ous shut­ter­bug sent the pho­tos to… Gra­ham! Us­ing Dina’s ad­dress, Gra­ham mailed them to Vic­tor, who showed them to Nikki. Un­der­stand­ably, Jack be­lieved his mom sent the pho­tos and con­fronted her. In­stead of blam­ing Gra­ham, Dina re­it­er­ated her op­po­si­tion to Jack and Nikki’s re­la­tion­ship. Later, Gra­ham pressed Dina about Brent Davis, but re­treated when she be­came ag­i­tated. Alone, he pulled out an old photo of him­self as a youth… next to Brent Davis! Then he called his mom, promis­ing that they’d have their re­venge against the Ab­botts!


Des­per­ate to save their mar­riage, Cane con­vinced Lily to go to coun­sel­ing. Iron­i­cally, the ses­sions re­minded her about all the times he’d lied to her! De­spite still lov­ing her hus­band, Lily ad­mit­ted she be­lieved their mar­riage was over! Up­set, Cane shared the news with Juliet… and then they kissed! Across town, Jor­dan con­fided to Chelsea his feel­ings for Lily. In­stead of ap­prov­ing, Chelsea re­minded him that Lily was too vul­ner­a­ble to start a new re­la­tion­ship. Which was just as well, since Jor­dan found him­self get­ting aroused by Hi­lary again! Juliet be­gan cramp­ing and was rushed to the hos­pi­tal, where the doc­tor told her there were com­pli­ca­tions with the preg­nancy. Yet when Cane ar­rived, she claimed that all was well!


Billy and Phyl­lis vowed not to let their com­pet­ing busi­ness in­ter­ests come be­tween them. Of course, that didn’t stop Billy from il­le­gally down­load­ing Jabot info off her com­puter! The snoop­ing revealed Jack’s plan to re­launch Jabot Ju­nior. Mean­while, Vic­to­ria ac­cepted Vic­tor’s of­fer to take over a skin­care line he’d se­cretly de­vel­oped. Across town, Ravi dis­cov­ered Jabot’s se­cu­rity breach, which had Jack point­ing the fin­ger at Billy while Ash­ley be­lieved Gra­ham to be the guilty party. In­ter­est­ingly, Jack turned down Ravi’s of­fer to in­stall tougher se­cu­rity mea­sures!

Trust us, Mariah. Alice is go­ing to want some­thing way stronger than wa­ter.

Billy may no longer gam­ble, but he still gets to use his poker face.

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