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1. One could ar­gue that Bill and Ridge both have one. 3. Beth Lo­gan suf­fered from this to­ward the end of her life. 7. Where Brooke and Bill con­sum­mated their mar­riage 8. Could de­scribe Quinn’s be­hav­ior, at times 10. Pre­de­ces­sor of Dar­lita 11. A type of bat­tle over ba­bies that of­ten plays out in soaps 13. Ri­cardo Mon­temayor

spe­cial­ized in these 16. Dea­con once owned

one called The Lair. 18. He dated Ash­ley Ab­bott when she worked at For­rester. (init.) 19. What Char­lie calls his

sweet­heart 20. Where Stephanie died

(two words) 22. Char­ac­ter played by

Court­ney Hope (init.) 23. Lt. Baker is one. 24. Car­o­line’s mother


1. What For­rester In­ter­na­tional em­ploy­ees might keep in their coin purse 2. Where Katie was given

Storm’s heart (init.) 4. Fa­mous Erik who played Zende’s other grand­fa­ther (last name) 5. He pro­posed to

Brooke in Venice. 6. First name of ac­tress

who plays Vivienne 9. Ridge tried to claim

this child as his son. 10. He plays Wy­att. (init.) 12. Sally called him

Bucko. 14. Crazy red­head who

once dated Ridge 15. City where THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL is set (init.) 17. First name of an ac­tress who por­trayed Beth Lo­gan 20. This type of snake

al­most killed Clarke. 21. Com­pany for which Stephanie’s fa­ther pro­vided the start-up funds (init.) 22. Dol­lar Bill’s com­pany


Un­scram­ble the cir­cled let­ters to re­veal the city where Hope first grew jeal­ous of Ivy.

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