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In­tent on mov­ing for­ward with his plans to build Skye, Bill ig­nored Liam’s pleas and set a date for the de­mo­li­tion of the Spec­tra build­ing. It pained Liam to tell Sally the fate that was in store for her com­pany, but he vowed to do what­ever it took to help her stand up to Bill, start­ing with a sit-in on the Spec­tra prop­erty to pre­vent his fa­ther from knock­ing the ed­i­fice down. Fed up with his son’s do­gooder an­tics, Bill warned Liam that his peace­ful protest would never work. With the de­mo­li­tion crew on site and ready to take ac­tion, Bill warned Liam and the Spec­tras to va­cate. Later, be­liev­ing the build­ing to be empty, Bill glee­fully pressed the but­ton that would det­o­nate the ex­plo­sives.


Watch­ing the Spec­tra build­ing be re­duced to rub­ble, Bill was over­joyed… un­til the mo­ment he learned that Liam and Sally were in­side! St­effy and Bill were be­side them­selves with an­guish when they heard de­tails con­firm­ing that Sally and Liam were in the build­ing when it was de­stroyed. Trapped un­der tons of un­sta­ble rub­ble, Liam and Sally’s lives hung in the bal­ance, and it dawned on them that they prob­a­bly wouldn’t sur­vive their predica­ment. Dur­ing what they be­lieved might be their fi­nal mo­ments on the planet, Sally and Liam ended up ex­chang­ing a pas­sion­ate kiss. Mean­while, the Spec­tra gang watched from a dis­tance in de­spair, won­der­ing if Sally and Liam were both dead. Shirley vowed to get re­venge against Bill if her grand­daugh­ter didn’t

emerge un­scathed.


Con­di­tions were ex­tremely dan­ger­ous for Bill and St­effy as they nav­i­gated through the build­ing’s ru­ins to find Liam and Sally. Re­mark­ably, the in­jured pair was even­tu­ally res­cued and rushed to the hos­pi­tal for treat­ment. Bill

begged them both for for­give­ness, and Stef fy, tr ying to re­main neu­tral, ex­plained Bill’s side of the hor­ri­ble mix-up to her hus­band. Katie told Brooke about what had hap­pened at the Spec­tra prop­erty, and the blonde found it dif­fi­cult to pre­dict how her es­tranged hus­band would ul­ti­mately re­spond to the sit­u­a­tion. When Bill re­turned home from the hos­pi­tal, he found Brooke wait­ing to dis­cuss their fu­ture to­gether.


Hav­ing been as un­der­stand­ing as she could be with Liam un­til now, St­effy’s frus­tra­tions fi­nally got the bet­ter of her, and she lashed out at him about his ob­ses­sion with help­ing and de­fend­ing Sally. For her part, Sally was in­cred­i­bly con­cerned when Liam told her that he wanted to tell his wife about the kiss they shared while they were trapped. The red­head warned him that there could be se­ri­ous con­se­quences for his mar­riage if he blabbed about what had hap­pened. Coco got the sense that Sally had feel­ings for Liam af­ter she raved about how much he had done for her. Be­liev­ing the truth would even­tu­ally come out, Sally con­fessed to her sis­ter that she and Liam had kissed.


Wy­att con­fided in Katie about how wor­ried he was that Bill wouldn’t re­spond well to news of their re­la­tion­ship once it got out. He was wary about creat­ing yet an­other rift within his fam­ily. Katie ended up mak­ing a self­less sug­ges­tion about how they could re­solve any po­ten­tial con­flict with Bill.

A se­cret is re­vealed be­tween sis­ters!

Some­one re­al­izes their mis­take, but is it too lit­tle, too late?

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