Could Hi­lary’s stunt de­stroy Nick and Chelsea’s re­la­tion­ship?

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Talk about un­in­tended con­se­quences! This week on THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS, Chelsea is hor­ri­fied when she finds her­self un­wit­tingly em­broiled in Hi­lary’s re­venge plot against her exlover, Jor­dan, with all the gory de­tails of the for­mer grifters’ past get­ting ex­posed on THE HI­LARY HOUR! For the fash­ion­ista, it’s a one-two punch, first hav­ing her less- than- hon­or­able his­tor y re­vealed for ev­ery­one to see, then hav­ing to deal with Nick’s shock­ing re­ac­tion!

Chelsea’s Worst Night­mare!

As the war be­tween Hi­lar y and Jor­dan heats up, Chelsea “doesn’t think it’s her prob­lem,” ad­mits Melissa Claire Egan, who plays the re­formed con artist. “But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Hi­lary is scorned! She is really peeved at Jor­dan, so in or­der to take him down, she goes af­ter his past! And who’s at­tached to his past? Chelsea! Hi­lary has no qualms about tak­ing them both down!”

While Chelsea has never ac­tu­ally hid­den her past as a scam artist — in­deed, she came to Genoa City at­tempt­ing to ex­tort money from Billy by us­ing their un­born child — she’s

worked hard to over­come those days. “Chelsea has been open; she has said, ‘I’ve got a check­ered past. I was not a great per­son grow­ing up. My mother, Anita, taught me con jobs from the day I was born!’” shares Egan. “But when you see it first­hand, [it’s dif­fer­ent]… Hi­lary dug up pho­tos and vic­tims of Chelsea and Jor­dan’s!

“Chelsea and Jor­dan are watch­ing in the room where Hi­lary is air­ing the episode, and they’re like, ‘No, no, no!’” she con­tin­ues with a laugh. “Chelsea is a mom now. She’s a busi­ness­woman. This is not good to have her past all of a sud­den brought back to the sur­face to smack her right in the face! On a side note, though, this was so much fun to shoot! It’s really cool that [ ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer/head­writer] Mal Young and the writ­ers have dug into specifics of Chelsea’s past. Bad for Chelsea, but it’s really fun to play and will be fun for fans to watch!”

Nick’s Rude Awak­en­ing!

Un­for­tu­nately, Nick hap­pens to be watch­ing THE HI­LARY HOUR when

the gos­sip queen glee­fully un­veils all of Chelsea and Jor­dan’s du­plic­i­tous deal­ings for her au­di­ence. And de­spite know­ing about his sweet­heart’s crim­i­nal record, the seg­ment is still an eye­opener for Nick! In fact, he can’t quite con­tain his shock and dis­may when Chelsea asks him if he wants to talk about what he saw on Hi­lary’s show!

Even though she opened the door for a dis­cus­sion, Chelsea is still un­pre­pared when the hunk blasts her over what he just watched! “He’s like, ‘ Do I even know you?’” teases Egan, who says her al­ter ego is “very hurt and up­set over his re­ac­tion! Chelsea is like, ‘I’ve been very open with you and the en­tire town about my past! I’m em­bar­rassed by it, but I’ve changed my en­tire be­ing to be a bet­ter per­son, to be a mom, a busi­ness­woman. I work hard and no longer con peo­ple for my riches!’ So she’s really hurt by ev­ery­thing he says!”

Chelsea also thinks that Nick’s fin­ger­point­ing is… well, a tad hyp­o­crit­i­cal! “She says, ‘Ex­cuse me, Ni­cholas, let’s be hon­est. Your bi­og­ra­phy is hardly pris­tine!’” Egan pre­views. “Which is true! Nick has made plenty of mis­takes” over the years.

Un­for­tu­nately, it’s the fash­ion­ista’s dirty laun­dry that has just been aired on na­tional TV! “You can’t un-see it,” sighs the ac­tress. “Hi­lary in­ter­views a woman who speaks about how Chelsea and Jor­dan conned her. It’s things like that which make it more real for Nick. He’s very dis­ap­pointed and af­fected by it, and that makes Chelsea feel bad!”

The Be­gin­ning Of The End?

It also makes Chelsea ques­tion whether Nick is the man for her! “They both thought that they were on really solid ground as a cou­ple, but then this one lit­tle bump hap­pens, and it sud­denly causes these prob­lems be­tween them,” Egan laments, shak­ing her head. “How strong are they really as a cou­ple? If this one [thing] —- which Nick al­ready knew about — is go­ing to be such a big is­sue, what other is­sues could come up down the line in their re­la­tion­ship, where he won’t be there to sup­port her?

“The whole thing scares Chelsea, be­cause it shows a crack in their re­la­tion­ship,” she con­tin­ues. “And one crack can lead to a frac­ture!”

Chelsea and Nick first got in­volved af­ter shar­ing a siz­zling kiss on New Year’s Eve. As that date fast ap­proaches once again, should fans pre­pare them­selves for this cou­ple not mak­ing it to their first an­niver­sary?

The pic­ture Hi­lary paints of Chelsea causes Nick to see his girl­friend in a new, un­flat­ter­ing light.

To Hi­lary, Chelsea is just col­lat­eral dam­age. The vixen was try­ing to hurt Jor­dan; if Chelsea got hurt in the process, Hi­lary doesn’t much care.

Chelsea and Nick ap­pear to be headed for — and this may be an un­der­state­ment — a rough patch.

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