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Hot Topic: Who Shot Bill?

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“Won­der if the doc­tors could do an ego trans­plant?”


THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL did a very good job of es­tab­lish­ing why myr­iad peo­ple on the show might have had the mo­tive (and the op­por­tu­nity) to do Bill in, but if we were go­ing to ven­ture a guess as to who took that shot, we wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily grav­i­tate to­ward any of the sus­pects the soap has strewn in our view­ing path. We’ve got to think the soap wants its ul­ti­mate re­veal to take ev­ery­one by sur­prise, which means all of the char­ac­ters we’ve been led to be­lieve might have done it prob­a­bly weren’t in­volved at all. There are more red her­rings be­ing flung around this sto­ry­line than at Seat­tle’s Pike Place fish mar­ket which has only made the guess­ing game that much more fun for view­ers. As for who ac­tu­ally pulled the trig­ger, suf­fice to say their aim leaves much to be de­sired. If you want to make Bill pay, you’d best not miss, lest he one day tur n the ta­bles… which we can’t wait for him to do!

YOUR TAKE Sis­ter Act

Karen Spencer. In times past when Bill’s got­ten out of hand, she’s shown up to put him in check. Maybe she de­cided he was too much of a li­a­bil­ity (since she con­trols half their busi­ness em­pire) and de­cided the best thing to do was get rid of him. I know it’s a far-out idea, but it’s not com­pletely im­pos­si­ble! Syd­ney Satu­ryne via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Trig­ger Warn­ing

It would have to be some­one who knew the gun was there. They walked right in and grabbed it like they knew, and if they didn’t, then it was just a [crime] of op­por­tu­nity Char­lotte Her­ring­ton-scheel via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

The Mouse Who Roared

I think Saul was the per­son who shot Bill, be­cause he is the only char­ac­ter the writ­ers haven’t shoved down our throats with a mo­tive! I never guess the too-ob­vi­ous sus­pects. Saul would def­i­nitely do it for Sally. Shawna Hud­son via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Cry­ing “Un­cle”

Caro­line did it, be­cause Thomas found out about the fake ill­ness Bill set up, and she now blames Bill for ru­in­ing her life. Maria Alvino via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

The Prime Sus­pect

The but­ler did it! Since Bill doesn’t seem to have a but­ler, I’m go­ing with Ali­son. Daniel Harker via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

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