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Q. Were THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Hope and Liam ever legally mar­ried? I know they got mar­ried in Puglia, Italy, but for some rea­son, I think that wed­ding was an­nulled. Marnie via E-mail

A:You may be con­fus­ing Hope with her long­time ri­val, as it was St­effy and Liam who had their se­cond mar­riage an­nulled af­ter her mo­tor­cy­cle ac­ci­dent re­sulted in a mis­car­riage. Hope and Liam’s Ital­ian wed­ding wasn’t an­nulled… be­cause they were never re­ally mar­ried in the first place! It came out that they never of­fi­cially had a chance to sign the pa­per­work back in the states that would have made the union le­git. Be­fore they could, their re­la­tion­ship hit the skids and the two sep­a­rated. So while Liam and the blonde have at­tempted to tie the knot on mul­ti­ple oc­ca­sions, Hope’s only true ex-hus­band is Wy­att, with whom she eloped in 2014 af­ter she thought Liam had stood her up at the Eif­fel Tower.

Q. I know I haven’t missed an episode of THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS in a very long time, but I don’t un­der­stand why Billy poi­soned the Brash & Sassy face masks. I’ve waited a while to write in or­der to see if that ques­tion would be an­swered, but it hasn’t! Why would he want to do that? P. Stein via E-mail A. Billy ac­tu­ally never per­son­ally poi­soned the masks. In fact, no­body did. In­stead, there was a prob­lem with the for­mula used in pro­duc­ing the prod­uct, which is what caused Vic­to­ria — who was test­ing it on her­self so they could rush it onto the mar­ket — to have headaches and act out of char­ac­ter. Be­cause Billy was in charge of qual­ity con­trol for the line, Vic­to­ria blamed her ex for not do­ing his job prop­erly and fired him on the spot! Q. I caught a re­run of LU­CIFER and was ex­cited to see Y&R’S De­tec­tive Hard­ing in the episode! Does he have a re­cur­ring role? Al­li­son Parker via E-mail A. Sadly, while Chris Mckenna was f e a t u red promi­nently as con man Ben Rivers, so far he hasn’t made any ad­di­tional ap­pear­ances. With that said, he did have amaz­ing chem­istry with se­ries reg­u­lar Les­ley-anne Brandt, and hit it off with Lu­cifer him­self, Tom El­lis. “‘ Smug’ and ‘mildly hand­some’ are Tom’s nick­names for me,” Mckenna laughed on Twit­ter. “It’s en­dear­ing when he says it.” So let’s hope he pops up again!

“I now pro­nounce you re­ally good friends.”

“Billy, poi­soned face masks are nei­ther brash, nor sassy. Well… maybe a lit­tle sassy.”

Mckenna’s visit was a dev­il­ishly good time.

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