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The Search For Bill’s Shooter Con­tin­ues!

Caro­line gave her Un­cle Bill a real dose of what-for for mess­ing with her life and, ul­ti­mately, cost­ing her a fu­ture with Thomas. Go­ing toe-to-toe with Justin as they ar­gued about the right­ful suc­ces­sion to the throne at Spencer Pub­li­ca­tions, Wy­att de­manded that the lawyer show him the pa­per­work prov­ing that he was the new CEO of the com­pany. Over­whelmed by the cir­cum­stances, Justin ac­cused Wy­att of be­ing the one who shot Bill! De­tec­tive Sanchez in­ter­ro­gated both men, and though Wy­att’s ha­tred to­ward his fa­ther was pal­pa­ble, Sanchez and Deputy Chief Baker ul­ti­mately had an­other sus­pect they thought was the likely cul­prit. Mean­while, Justin wasn’t pleased when Jar­rett showed up at the of­fice with a cu­ri­ous re­quest.


Even as Sheila eyed an un­sta­ble Pam at Il Giardino and be­gan to sus­pect she might have tried to off the pub­lish­ing mag­nate, Ridge was the per­son who ul­ti­mately took the fall for the crime. He was ar­rested, leav­ing Brooke to rally the rest of the For­rester fam­ily in sup­port of her hus­band. Carter tried to work some le­gal magic on Ridge’s be­half, to lit­tle avail. Dur­ing din­ner with Liam, St­effy asked him to help ex­on­er­ate her fa­ther. Liam vis­ited Bill in the hos­pi­tal to dis­cuss the events lead­ing up to his at­tack. Bill main­tained that Ridge pulled the trig­ger, but Liam later found an im­por­tant piece of ev­i­dence that proved en­light­en­ing. He ul­ti­mately re­vealed his the­ory to Hope, who agreed to help him fig­ure out his next move.


Know­ing that Brooke had

blabbed to Hope about Bill’s pro­posal, St­effy wor­ried the blonde would run to Liam with the in­for­ma­tion, which wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily help her ef­fort to win him back. When that’s ex­actly what hap­pened, St­effy lost her cool with her half sis­ter and ac­cused her of try­ing to sab­o­tage the re­union. St­effy later de- fended her­self when Hope pointed out that her trou­bles with Liam were the di­rect con­se­quence of her tawdry in­dis­cre­tion with Bill! Af­ter learn­ing Hope’s true feel­ings for Liam, Brooke ad­vised her daugh­ter to re­main “just friends” with him.


Brooke was be­side her­self about Ridge’s in­car­cer­a­tion, so Hope sug­gested per­haps her mom could get through to Bill re­gard­ing his ac­cu­sa­tion. Brooke con­fronted her ex and an­grily ac­cused him of us­ing Ridge to set­tle a score. Af­ter hear­ing about Ridge’s ar­rest, Quinn tried to con­sole Eric by point­ing out that there were many other pos­si­ble sus­pects whom Bill had mis­treated over the years. De­tec­tive Sanchez be­gan to won­der if per­haps Quinn de­served a closer look, and he pro­ceeded to in­ter­ro­gate her about the night Bill was shot. While vis­it­ing Ridge in jail, Thorne and St­effy were sur­prised by Ridge’s ve­he­ment de­fense of Quinn when her name came up as a pos­si­ble sus­pect.

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