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Marci Miller con­tem­plates how she dif­fers from al­ter ego Abi­gail (as op­posed to “Gabby” or “Laura”)!

t first glance, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Abi­gail is as dif­fer­ent as night and day from her more grounded por­trayer, Marci Miller. Aside from their gor­geous tresses and love for the men in their lives, they have lit­tle in com­mon. How­ever, Soaps In Depth asked Miller to dig deep, and what she turned up might ac­tu­ally sur­prise you!

What’s the odd­est thing in your closet? “I did a play in Louisville, KY, called Seascape, and a woman from the bal­let hand-painted this lizard cos­tume on a uni­tard for me. It’s gor­geous, so I can’t get rid of it, but it’s a lizard cos­tume, so I’m never gonna wear it again.”

What’s the odd­est thing in Abi­gail’s? “Abby’s pretty tra­di­tional in a lot of ways, so maybe just one dress that’s like su­per slinky with a huge pat­tern and bright col­ors.”

Where are you the hap­pi­est? “I’m the hap­pi­est when I’m trav­el­ing with my hus­band and do­ing or ex­pe­ri­enc­ing some­thing new.”

Where is Abi­gail the hap­pi­est? “Abby is the hap­pi­est when she’s home with her fam­ily, and ev­ery­thing is right in the world.”

What ex­pe­ri­ence most in­flu­enced you? “Be­ing raised by my mother. We didn’t have a ton of money, but if there was some­thing I wanted to do, she al­ways said yes. She let me fully ex­press my­self — what­ever it was that I was in­ter­ested in. That was very pow­er­ful and con­tin­ues to be.”

What ex­pe­ri­ence most in­flu­enced Abby’s life? “Sim­i­larly, the great­est in­flu­ence in Abby’s life has been her fam­ily. Much of the time, her mo­ti­va­tion is to be in a sit­u­a­tion where she is lov­ing her fam­ily and tak­ing care of them [like her folks did her].”

What is your fa­vorite guilty plea­sure? “Mine is def­i­nitely re­lated to sweets. Just eat­ing some­thing that is so bad like a donut or ice cream.”

What is Abby’s fa­vorite guilty plea­sure? “Abby might also say ice cream, but she’d be more con­trolled about it. She’d say, ‘I’m gonna have one scoop of ice cream,’ whereas I’d go and get a whole dozen donuts!”

Who is your best friend? “Oh, my hus­band, Ryan, is my best friend.”

Who is Abby’s best friend? “Chad is Abby’s best friend.”

What are you most afraid of? “The loss of my spouse is my great­est fear.”

What is Abby most afraid of? “It’s the same for Abby. I think there are a lot of sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween us as far as core things go.”

Who or what makes you laugh? “I tend to laugh eas­ily, but my hus­band makes me laugh more than any­body ever has.”

Who or what makes Abby laugh? “I think she gets a kick out of Thomas.”

Were you voted most likely to do some­thing in high school? “I was voted most tal­ented in high school.”

Was Abi­gail voted most

BONUS S E C T I O N likely to do some­thing when she was in high school? “I think Abby might have been voted most likely to suc­ceed.”

What is your per­sonal phi­los­o­phy? “I think it’s just be­ing fully who I am, not sec­ond-guess­ing that and not try­ing to peo­ple-please or bend to the opin­ions of oth­ers.”

What would you say is Abby’s per­sonal phi­los­o­phy? “I think for Abby, it’s about lov­ing peo­ple in the way that she wants to be loved.”

What is the one thing that you’d re­ally like to try or ac­com­plish in your life­time? “The easy an­swer is that I want to write, pro­duce and make my own movies, but the bet­ter an­swer is that re­gard­less of where my ca­reer goes, I want to have a sense of com­mu­nity and make get­ting to know peo­ple more deeply be a very im­por­tant, in­ten­tional part of my life.”

What might Abby like to try or ac­com­plish in her life­time? “Raise a happy, healthy, beau­ti­ful fam­ily in a lov­ing home and see her kids go on to do the same thing. She wants to be Alice Hor­ton. She wants to have the house for her kids to come around to at Christ­mas­time and hang or­na­ments and be there to­gether and live a very ful­filled life.”

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