Ques­tion: What tal­ent out­side of act­ing, would you most like to have?

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Marci Miller (Abi­gail):

“I’d like to know how to paint and be like a vis­ual artist.”

Judi Evans (Adri­enne):

“Singing. I love to sing, but can’t carry a tune. I do sing all the time in my car. No­body gets to hear it, thank God, be­cause it would hurt their ears.”

Lu­cas Adams (Tripp):

“It would be re­ally cool to be able to cook well. Or to be able to make any­thing, like be a crafts­man. I’m a pretty de­cent handy­man, and I’m pretty de­cent at cook­ing, but I’m not amaz­ing at ei­ther of them!”

Casey Moss (JJ):

“I would love to be good at math. I am not. My brain just doesn’t work that way. With a gui­tar or a pi­ano, I can hear the music, know how to play it and see my­self do­ing it im­me­di­ately. But when I look at a math equa­tion — even if it’s as easy as third-grade math — it’s like [makes an ex­plo­sion sound]. I can’t do it.”

Su­san Seaforth Hayes (Julie):

“I’d like to write more. Bill [Hayes, Doug] and I are work­ing on Ju­bilee, the se­quel to our first novel, Trum­pet. It’s set in Charleston in 1820, and the story is about slav­ery and the theatre of the time. It’s gonna be pretty good!”

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