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Does Hi­lary need a mir­a­cle to get her re­la­tion­ship with Devon back on track?

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Let’s be hon­est. The New York City phone book couldn’t con­tain all the en­e­mies that THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Hi­lary has col­lected over the years! Yet this week, the beauty proves that her worst en­emy isn’t Lily or Si­mone, it’s ac­tu­ally her­self! Will it take a lit­tle mir­a­cle to get her back into Devon’s good graces?

Re­al­ity Bites

Hi­lary’s been on an emo­tional roller- coaster ride ever since she and Devon ended up be­tween the sheets, only to have her dream of a hap­pily ever af­ter shat­ter when her ex saun­ters back to the very sexy Si­mone! “Af­ter their time to­gether, Hi­lary re­ally thought they were go­ing to get back to­gether,” con­fesses her por­trayer, Mishael Mor­gan. “It was more than just mak­ing a baby for her. So when she saw Si­mone was still in the pic­ture, she was com­pletely caught off guard! It was just raw feel­ings of jeal­ousy, rage and feel­ing re­ally let down!

“She’s in love with Devon, but she’s feel­ing a lit­tle used by him,” con­tin­ues the ac­tress. “Even though it was her idea [to make a baby with him], see­ing him with Si­mone bursts her bub­ble and brings her back to re­al­ity!”

“I don’t know what’s ahead, but I can tell you one thing: Hi­lary doesn’t take any­thing ly­ing down, and I don’t think this sit­u­a­tion, if there is a baby, will be the ex­cep­tion!”

Oops… She Did It Again

That re­al­ity is fraught with ten­sion when Devon ex­presses his dis­plea­sure af­ter Hi­lary makes cer­tain Si­mone is aware that she and the bil­lion­aire are try­ing to make a baby… and they’ve tried the old-fash­ioned way! “Hi­lary is a very emo­tional per­son,” de­fends Mor­gan. “As much as she tries to be in con­trol of her life, emo­tions re­ally push her to make a lot of de­ci­sions. (con­tin­ues)

Her hor­mones are out of whack, she’s on all these [drugs] to help her have a baby, so she just blurts it out [ about mak­ing love with Devon] to Si­mone. But now she re­ally fears that she’s blown it with him. She keeps blow­ing it with him, and she re­ally doesn’t mean to! She is heart­bro­ken.

“I don’t think she meant to hurt Devon,” she adds. “I don’t think she in­ten­tion­ally tried to drive a wedge be­tween Devon and Si­mone. She im­me­di­ately re­gret­ted it and hasn’t been able to fix it. Their re­la­tion­ship has gone off the deep end, and she hasn’t been able to reel it back!”

Guess Who’s Com­ing To Din­ner

For Hi­lary, at­tempt­ing to backpedal means “re­fo­cus­ing on her work,” previews Mor­gan. “She comes up with some re­ally good ideas and wants to share them with Devon. She thought that this might break the ice and help them get back on a bet­ter foot­ing, but he kind of re­jects her!”

In­stead, Devon urges his for­mer wife to go to din­ner with Tessa on the com­pany’s dime. What he doesn’t tell her — and it irks her con­sid­er­ably — is that he will be hav­ing a bite to eat at the GCAC with Si­mone as well! “In Hi­lary’s mind, it is re­ally in­sen­si­tive of him!” de­clares Mor­gan. “He re­jects her and he knows he’s hurt­ing her, but then he de­cides to come

and have din­ner at the same res­tau­rant. She’s re­ally an­gry about that. So when she walks by their ta­ble and hap­pens to over­hear her name be­ing men­tioned, she re­ally can’t hold back at that point!

“She tells him that he’s wrong [about her be­ing jeal­ous] — but that’s a com­plete lie com­ing out of Hi­lary’s mouth,” adds the ac­tress with a laugh. “She is clearly jeal­ous. Jeal­ousy is re­ally be­hind all her emo­tions!”

Preg­nant Pause?

In the mid­dle of her tirade, how­ever, Hi­lary sud­denly be­comes light­headed, and Devon jumps in to break her fall! And this is not the first time that the vixen has nearly fainted… which could lead to more than a few view­ers spec­u­lat­ing about whether the cou­ple’s amorous one-nighter might have re­sulted in the baby that Hi­lary has been so des­per­ate to have. “If Hi­lary is preg­nant, she will make it work in her fa­vor,” says Mor­gan with a smile. “If she is preg­nant, she is un­der the as­sump­tion that it will com­pletely change Devon’s tune and maybe re­fo­cus his en­ergy back to her. If that is the case, I don’t know… but in Hi­lary’s eyes, her be­ing preg­nant would be a good thing. I cer­tainly don’t think it would be a bad thing! She will just fig­ure out a way to reel Devon back in, and she looks at the preg­nancy as a big cat­a­lyst to do just that!”

In fact, it would be an even big­ger cat­a­lyst than any­one thought. Af­ter all, the cou­ple had con­tracted to make a baby through ar­ti­fi­cial in­sem­i­na­tion — not through nat­u­ral means! So could their night of pas­sion ren­der that con­tract null and void… and there­fore give Hi­lary a bit more power than her baby­daddy? “If Hi­lary is preg­nant, I think that might be a good as­sump­tion,” Mor­gan teases slyly. “I don’t know what’s ahead, but I can tell you one thing: Hi­lary doesn’t take any­thing ly­ing down, and I don’t think this sit­u­a­tion, if there is a baby, will be the ex­cep­tion!”

Be­low: Devon’s con­tin­ued in­volve­ment with Si­mone makes his for­mer wife and would-be baby­mama as jeal­ous as she in­sists that it doesn’t.

When Hi­lary’s hurt, she strikes back — which means she’s quick to in­form Si­mone about her night with Devon.

If it turns out that Hi­lary is preg­nant through old-fash­ioned means, Devon may dis­cover that his agree­ment with his ex isn’t worth the pa­per it’s printed on.

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