Soaps’ Rock­i­est Fam­ily Re­u­nions

When these long-es­tranged rel­a­tives got back to­gether, there was lit­tle love lost

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The Bold & The Beau­ti­ful MOMMIE DEAR­EST

2006 Af­ter get­ting some men­tal help from daugh­ter-in-law Tay­lor, who was not just a good sound­ing board but an ac­tual shrink, Stephanie de­cided to con­front her mother about the abuse that she and sis­ter Pam had suf­fered at the hand of their fa­ther — abuse to which Mom had turned a blind eye. To put it mildly, it did not go well. Ann Dou­glas wasn’t nearly as sweet as you’d ex­pect some­one with Betty White’s face to be. She in­sisted that Stephanie was ex­ag­ger­at­ing, cr ying abuse when all her late hus­band had done was dis­ci­pline the girls. Even when Pam worked up the nerve to side with Stepha-

nie against their for­mi­da­ble mother, Ann wouldn’t budge an inch. And for a time, it ap­peared that that was that. There would be no peace made be­tween Stephanie and her mother. But around Christ­mas, the strangest thing hap­pened: Stephanie’s hus­band, Eric, in­vited Ann and Pam to leave chilly Chicago and come to sunny L.A. for the hol­i­days. Dur­ing that fate­ful visit, Ann at last ad­mit­ted that, yes, she had known what her hus­band was putting their kids through, she’d just been too afraid to con­front him. Fi­nally, Stephanie got a lit­tle clo­sure on one of the most hurt­ful chap­ters in her life.

The Young & The Rest­less FU­RI­OUS GE­ORGE

2012 “What the hell are you do­ing here?” Ge­orge Sum­mers barked at daugh­ter Phyl­lis when she en­tered his hospi­tal room. He’d had a heart at­tack and was in bad shape, but his vile na­ture re­mained in­tact. The two hadn’t seen each other in years, not since a young Phyl­lis had turned him in to the au­thor­i­ties for bilk­ing his clients out of their life sav­ings and left home for good. This likely would be the last time that the two of them would ever see each other, and that was how he kicked off the con­ver­sa­tion. Nice, huh? By and by, he ad­mit­ted that yeah, he’d conned his clients. Big whoop, he added (not lit­er­ally). If Phyl­lis hadn’t blown the whis­tle on him, he could’ve paid ’em all back. In the end, it was ob­vi­ous to Phyl­lis that her fa­ther hadn’t changed. He didn’t feel any re­morse. Maybe he didn’t feel, pe­riod. But at least some­thing good came of their tense re­union: Phyl­lis’ kid sis­ter, Avery, over­heard their fa­ther’s con­fes­sion and, for the first time in her life, re­al­ized that Phyl­lis hadn’t been ly­ing about Ge­orge all those years ago. Sud­denly, the sis­ters had a sec­ond chance to be close, and they seized it. When Phyl­lis re­claimed her ex-hus­band, Nick, from Avery, she even asked her some­time sib­ling ri­val to be her maid of honor!

The Bold & The Beau­ti­ful FA­THER KNOWS LESS

2015 No sooner had Rick hung Maya’s por­trait in the For­rester liv­ing room than his girl­friend’s dreams of be­ing mis­tress of the manor were jeop­ar­dized by the ar­rival in L.A. of her kid sis­ter, Ni­cole. You see, she hadn’t just packed biki­nis and sun­glasses for her trip to Cal­i­for­nia, she’d also packed a whop­per of a se­cret — that Maya had been born My­ron. Though the sib­lings were able to re­con­nect be­fore Ni­cole spilled the beans to Rick, the truth did even­tu­ally come out. To Maya’s sur­prise, Rick stood by her. He loved the woman that she was, re­gard­less of the name on her birth cer­tifi­cate. So, for a hot minute, ev­ery­thing was go­ing great. The cou­ple were even plan­ning to tie the knot. That was when Maya and Ni­cole’s par­ents, Vivi­enne and Julius, showed up in L.A. While Mom was sup­port­ive of Maya, Dad was as in­tol­er­ant as they come. Maya even over­heard him call­ing her a “freak” on her wed­ding day! Even­tu­ally, Ju­lian’s at­ti­tude soft­ened where Maya was con­cerned. Af­ter all, he couldn’t ex­actly con­tinue to raise a ruckus about her choices af­ter it was re­vealed that his own past af­fair had re­sulted in Maya and Ni­cole’s se­cret sib­ling, Sasha!

Ap­par­ently, Ge­orge’s IV drip had been filled with bile; that was cer­tainly what he spewed to his es­tranged daugh­ter.

It took a Christ­mas mir­a­cle to again make Ann and Stephanie feel like fam­ily.

“No, Mother, you can’t dis­tract me with one of your St. Olaf sto­ries!”

Thanks to Ni­cole, Maya was able to have baby Lizzy with Rick.

There re­mains a 50/50 chance that Julius will cut him­self out of this fam­ily por­trait.

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