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Two Truths Emerge

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“It was me.” THE BOLD & BEAU­TI­FUL’S Liam ut­tered the phrase over and over to a dis­be­liev­ing Hope, who hastily tried to con­vince him that the “me­mories” he had of his fa­ther’s shoot­ing were only the byprod­uct of too much stress. “You have a lot go­ing on in your life right now,” she ut­tered, a ris­ing tremor in her voice. “What hap­pened with Bill and St­effy was dev­as­tat­ing, but

you did not shoot him.”

An­nika Noelle (Hope) and Scott Clifton ( Liam) each brought a ter­rific, amped-up en­ergy to the scene, which was one full of con­fu­sion, panic and des­per­a­tion. “What hap­pened to me?” Liam asked. “Why did I do this?”

Liam was quite lit­er­ally at his wit’s end as Hope tried to main­tain her sig­na­ture voice of rea­son in the midst of an alarm­ing un­rav­el­ing. “Liam, you are the kind­est, gen­tlest man I know,” she re­as­sured him. “You would never do

some­thing like this.”

When he reached for his phone to no­tify the po­lice, the blonde flung it from his hands as if it might burn them both. “I can’t lose you, Liam. I love you,” she de­clared. “Are you lis­ten­ing? I love you!”

Hope then swore that she would not let Liam go to prison for what he’d done. “I’m not go­ing to live the rest of my life with­out you.” It was an ad­mis­sion we knew would prove a game-changer for this cou­ple, even in the midst of their very har­row­ing here-and-now.

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