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Hi­lary: After… I need you to move on. Devon: Why you do­ing this? Hi­lary: Be­cause there is some amaz­ing woman out there that is gonna make you smile again, and she’s gonna drive you crazy. Those vi­sions that you have, rais­ing kids and… and a fam­ily… you have to do that. You have to do that for me… This world needs more fa­thers like you. Devon: I don’t think I can do that. Hi­lary: Look at me. I’m blessed. I had a blessed life. I had my show, I got to call you my hus­band, and I heard my… my child’s heart­beat. All of my dreams came true. They did. Your dreams, they can’t end with me.

Hi­lary and Devon make the most of her fi­nal mo­ments

Hi­lary re­fused to give up on the idea of a hap­pily ever after for her beloved hus­band.

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