On The Cusp

Peter Bergman says that Jack is ready for some big changes!

CBS Soaps In Depth - - Contents - change,” says the ac­tor. “Be­ing Vic­tor’s kind and mal­leable son did not pay off for Nick, so he has turned ev­ery­thing around. I’m cheer­ing Josh on as he be­comes a more pow­er­ful char­ac­ter on the show. “For Jack, it’s a dif­fer­ent jour­ney,” he con­tin­ues. “H

THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ fans be­gan spec­u­lat­ing that Jack could be re­lated to his most-hated en­emy, Vic­tor, the mo­ment it came to light that John Ab­bott was not his fa­ther. Yet his por­trayer, Peter Bergman, con­fesses that he never con­sid­ered such a thing. “It did not oc­cur to me for a sec­ond that my char­ac­ter would be any way re­lated to Vic­tor. There is noth­ing rep­til­ian about Jack!” he says, laugh­ing. “So it didn’t even cross my mind!”

In fact, it wasn’t un­til he opened his script that he found out the twist. “I thought, ‘This is too much for Jack!’” chuck­les the Emmy win­ner. “From an act­ing point of view, though, ev­ery­thing that adds to the drama, I love! When I play the day-in-a-life mo­ments, I like it less. You have to have those days where the story doesn’t move, but Jack find­ing out that he’s re­lated to Vic­tor… that’s a sto­ry­line where a lot of peo­ple get sucked into it quickly, and that’s al­ways fun to play!”

Of course, in the twisty world of Y&R, it was a sto­ry­line that lasted only long enough to shake up Jack’s world — al­though Bergman says that dur­ing that time, there was no broth­erly love be­ing por­trayed. “I had no prob­lem keep­ing up the an­i­mos­ity be­tween Jack and Vic­tor. That comes so nat­u­rally!” he laughs. “It’s part and par­cel of

who Jack is. But he was re­lieved when he found out that he was not re­lated to Vic­tor. He was like, ‘This is what I thought all along — Vic­tor is my en­emy!’”

Go­ing Dark

While Jack’s search for his fa­ther may have been thwarted — for now — Bergman says that his al­ter ego has found a lot of con­tent­ment work­ing as an exec at Dark Horse. “Oh, that is great fun on many fronts,” en­thuses Bergman. “It’s a new set to work on, I get to work more with Joshua Mor­row (Nick), and Dark Horse is this mav­er­ick com­pany com­ing in to shake things up. I like be­ing part of that.

“Jack is no longer work­ing for Jabot, so be­ing part of Dark Horse is im­por­tant,” he adds. “The busi­ness­man part of Jack is pretty cen­tral to who he is. With­out Jabot, it was miss­ing, so I’m very happy that with Dark Horse, Jack the busi­ness­man is alive. And Jack and Nick will cause a lot of havoc for Vic­tor and Billy, for a lot of peo­ple!”

Love, Ac­tu­ally

Jack ap­pears to be hit­ting his stride in many ar­eas ex­cept one — ro­mance! The char­ac­ter’s love life hasn’t re­cov­ered since he lost his wife, Phyl­lis, to his lit­tle brother.

“I want [Ash­ley’s por­trayer] to do well and be happy and find ful­fill­ment wher­ever she goes,” says the soap vet. “But there is noth­ing good about Eileen David­son leav­ing!”

Any hope that he could win the beauty back was dashed dur­ing Sum­mer’s re­cent disas­trous match­mak­ing at­tempt. “Those were re­ally pow­er­ful scenes, and it re­vealed that Jack had for­given her,” Bergman points out. “But for­give­ness or no, you just don’t fall out of love with some­body, par­tic­u­larly if she is Phyl­lis.”

Whether the cou­ple ever rec­on­ciles, the soap vet is em­phatic that Jack should have a sig­nif­i­cant other. “[Y&R] is pay­ing me a full salary for two-thirds of what I can do when I’m not in­volved with a love in­ter­est. It’s not typ­i­cal of this show or any day­time show to hire a new ac­tress over 40. I don’t think that would be a bad thing to do here, but I’m not hold­ing my breath. As long as the women from Jack’s life keep go­ing in and out of his life, I will have plenty to play. But the pow­ers that be are only utiliz­ing two-thirds of my strong­est stuff.”

The Great­est Jour­ney

Given all the changes that Jack has faced in the last year, does Bergman feel like he’s be­ing handed a new role to play — a la Mor­row, who is now por­tray­ing Nick as Vic­tor 2.0? “Right now, my evo­lu­tion isn’t the same as Joshua’s, be­cause his char­ac­ter is re­ally go­ing through a fun­da­men­tal

Could Vic­to­ria be a new love in­ter­est for Jack? “Jack has a fas­ci­na­tion for her,” Bergman teases. The ac­tor doesn’t think his al­ter ego will re­sume his booty calls with Glo­ria. “Jack is pro­tec­tive of her… but the only way they work ro­man­ti­cally,” Bergman sug­gests, “is if Jack is very an­gry at the world!”

“Jack is grate­ful to have Kyle back in town,” says Bergman. “But Kyle is a re­minder to Jack of all the mis­takes he’s made!”

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