We re­live the mo­ment Hevon said good­bye.

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Wed­dings, by their very na­ture, are the stuff of which dreams are made. And those dreams were never more im­por tant than when THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Devon mar­ried Hi­lary in the hos­pi­tal, know­ing that she would never leave there alive. Still, we were caught up in their delu­sion, will­ingly putting aside re­al­ity as they spun their fan­tasy. “Thank you for the most beau­ti­ful wed­ding day,” Hi­lary smiled as her new hus­band joined her in her hos­pi­tal bed. “I’m just happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Dream Weaver

Strug­gling to hold back tears — and keep the fan­tasy go­ing — Devon chuck­led that theirs was not the most tra­di­tional wed­ding night. “When have we done any­thing — any­thing — in the tra­di­tional way?” Hi­lar y (con­tin­ues)

mur­mured dryly.

Their wed­ding might not have been tra­di­tional, but Devon in­sisted on keep­ing some tra­di­tions, such as toast­ing each other with the cham­pagne flutes Shauna had given them. Yet sadly, this would be the first break in their care­fully con­structed il­lu­sion, with Hi­lary too weak to lift her glass and drink.

Help­ing her, Devon re­mained de­ter­minedly up­beat, talk­ing about sip­ping cham­pagne for their an­niver­saries. “When we pic­nic on the sand of Nova Sco­tia… On the canals of Copen­hagen… I think you’re go­ing to have to wear a scarf and sun­glasses, though. I don’t need my fa­mous wife get­ting mobbed on our an­niver­sary,” he teased. “Any other day of the year, fans can have a piece of you, but on that spe­cial day, you’re all mine… We’re for­ever.”

As they imag­ined a fu­ture that would never be, Hi­lary sud­denly brought Devon — and us — back to harsh re­al­ity when she whis­pered, “We don’t have much time.”

Good-bye, My Love

Slowly, Hi­lary’s vi­brancy be­gan to fade, her words slur­ring. As self­ish as she could be

in life, she was ut­terly self­less as she ap­proached death. “You have to know that what­ever I thought that I wanted, there was only one thing that I needed… It was you,” she sighed, and breathed her last. “Maybe I did some­thing right, huh?”

Fac­ing the worst, this was Hevon at their very best.

What’s con­sis­tent about THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Darin Brooks (Wy­att) when he turns up on the job each morn­ing? He’s al­ways smil­ing and ex­cited to be there. The ac­tor doesn’t take for granted that he gets to live his dream, which is why he was happy to shed some light on what his work­day is re­ally like!

When I get to work in the morn­ing, the first thing I do is…

“Go get my lit­tle two-egg sand­wich at the com­mis­sary. I eat re­ally quickly, be­cause I’m starv­ing by the time I get to work.”

My fa­vorite thing about be­ing in the hair and makeup room is…

“That we just laugh and have a good time. Whether it’s run­ning lines or talk­ing about what hap­pened the day be­fore, it’s like our lit­tle com­mu­nity area.”

I’d be a rich man if I had a dol­lar for ev­ery time…

“I come into the hair and makeup room with bed­head. They’re al­ways like, ‘What hap­pened to your head?!?’”

One thing I still can’t fig­ure out around this place is…

“I just learned after five years where edit­ing is. I had no idea un­til re­cently.”

The B&B di­rec­tors usu­ally think I’m crazy when I…

“Uh… step on set? I’m nuts. Ev­ery day the di­rec­tors are like, ‘Oh, gee, here we go.’”

My fa­vorite days at work are the ones where I get to…

“Be on set with every­body. I’m just so grate­ful to be there work­ing with peo­ple like Don [Di­a­mont, Bill] and Scott [Clifton, Liam].”

When I’m wait­ing to get called to the set I usu­ally am…

“Watch­ing HBO in my dress­ing room, ei­ther a movie or [REAL TIME WITH BILL MA­HER] or what­ever’s on at the time.”

Right be­fore the cam­era starts to roll, I usu­ally feel…

“Like I for­got my lines.”

My fa­vorite thing about my dress­ing room is…

“How big it is. I think it was once the school room or a yoga room. I don’t have a bath­room, but I have a lot of space, so I have weights and a bench for stuff. I love it.”

Be­fore I leave work, I al­ways…

“Make sure to get my wed­ding ring back from wardrobe!”

THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Devon and Hi­lary steal one last bit­ter­sweet mo­ment of hap­pi­ness

For as long as he pos­si­bly could, Devon main­tained the il­lu­sion that he and his bride had be­fore them a very long and very happy fu­ture.

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