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THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Liam and Hope seem to be set­tling into mar­ried life — but for how long? Even Scott Clifton (Liam) ad­mits he’s been pon­der­ing if this union will stick. “Is it go­ing to last two weeks? Three weeks?” he jok­ingly won­ders, re­flect­ing on the fact that his al­ter ego can never seem to stop waf­fling be­tween the var­i­ous women in his life.

The fact that Liam’s ex, St­effy, has de­cided to take her­self out of the run­ning should make Hope feel a bit more se­cure in her mar­riage, and yet, the brunette’s “I can take it or leave it” at­ti­tude could po­ten­tially be just the sort of thing that leaves Liam pin­ing for her! (The man al­ways seems to want the woman he’s not with, after all.) “This is true,” Clifton ac­knowl­edges, “al­though I haven’t seen signs yet in the script that this is hap­pen­ing. Liam cer­tainly is com­pli­men­tary of [St­effy’s new at­ti­tude]. He ad­mires it, and he tr uly rec­og­nizes how strong and ad­mirable and con­ducive to hap­pi­ness that is for her.”

Liam’s big­gest co­nun­drum th­ese days is try­ing to walk the tightrope be­tween the two fam­i­lies he cares for equally. His duty to Kelly and St­effy is no less a pri­or­ity than the devo­tion he feels for Hope and their un­born child, which means he will con­tinue to be torn be­tween two loves — pos­si­bly for the rest of his life! “If waf­fling was his prob­lem be­fore, now he’s got two fam­i­lies,” says Clifton. “It’s only go­ing to get that much more com­pli­cated!”

“Please, St­eff y, tell me what I think.”

Liam didn’t make Hope feel any more se­cure by shrug­ging be­fore she’d even asked a ques­tion.

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