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Rena Sofer (Quinn) isn’t an overly sen­ti­men­tal per­son, but if THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL star’s 15-year-old Brus­sels Grif­fon, Iggy, and younger brother/sis­ter tag-team Al­fie and Mega, are the topic of con­ver­sa­tion, she’s prac­ti­cally hope­less. “My chil­dren tease me that I pos­si­bly love my dogs more than them,” she laughs. “They’ve never seen me love an­i­mals the way I con­nected to th­ese dogs. I’m usu­ally not that mushy­gushy per­son, but I be­came that per­son who takes pic­tures of my dogs con­stantly and buys them all sorts of stuff. They are like my chil­dren.”

Sofer says the bond re­ally formed after her di­vorce from San­ford Book­staver a few years ago ( with whom she re­mains friends). “I think I just needed that feel­ing of un­con­di­tional love, and they gave that to me,” she re­flects. “Some­how it changed ev­ery­thing.”

Of course, any of Sofer’s fu­ture suit­ors won’t make the cut if the pups don’t ap­prove, es­pe­cially be­cause Al­fie and Mega sleep in her bed, one on each shoul­der. “Which takes any­one who’s al­ler­gic to dogs com­pletely off the ta­ble, dat­ing-wise,” says the ac­tress.

When Sofer first dis­cov­ered Al­fie, he had an in­jured leg that re­quired sev­eral surg­eries, and the ac­tress knew be­cause of that cost he might not have been adopted by any­one if she didn’t step in. “I think he’s ap­pre­cia­tive,” she says, “and I ended up get­ting his sis­ter, too, be­cause they are in­sep­a­ra­ble. He’s just su­per sweet, and she rules the roost. But they’re best friends.”

Sofer gets mushy over th­ese three pups!

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