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Many of the symp­toms as­so­ci­ated with ‘grow­ing old’ are ac­tu­ally signs the body is run­ning on empty.

For a man, the pre­cip­i­tous drop in the hor­mone testos­terone can be lifechang­ing; de­grad­ing the qual­ity of erec­tions, re­duc­ing sex­ual de­sire, and stamina. There’s more.

A Slow Leak

Low‘T-lev­els’ can also trig­ger in­som­nia, pre­ma­ture ag­ing of the skin, in­creased body fat, mus­cle loss, de­pres­sion, and wor­ri­some mind and mem­ory prob­lems .

The good news is that restor­ing testos­terone to op­ti­mal, youth­ful lev­els is a fairly easy process.

The bad news is that it’s painful and ex­pen­sive.

One has to en­dure re­peated doc­tor vis­its, blood tests, painful in­jec­tions deep into large mus­cles, or the daily ap­pli­ca­tion of in­ef­fec­tive, ex­pen­sive ad­he­sive patches or messy top­i­cal creams.

Now, there’s a bet­ter way, say doc­tors.

Sex­ual Pow­ers and Youth Re­turns

In the quest to keep ag­ing men young and vi­brant, sci­en­tists looked be­yond hu­man testos­terone to dis­cover an ensemble of nat­u­ral fire-starters and sex­ual en­hancers that re-kin­dle a man’s sex­ual pow­ers by nat­u­rally el­e­vat­ing testos­terone.

This can make any man a bet­ter, stronger lover, and also im­prove his over­all well-be­ing, and con­fi­dence.

The break­through is called Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone.

It’s a drug-free, two-cap­sule-a-day for­mula that is grow­ing more pop­u­lar with health­care pro­fes­sion­als and men look­ing for a pain­less, pre­scrip­tion-free fix.

Slow Down Ag­ing

Users re­port bet­ter sex, in­creased men­tal fo­cus, alert­ness, and pro­duc­tiv­ity, in­creased mus­cle mass, en­ergy ex­pen­di­ture, and smoother, more ‘touch­able’ skin.

“Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone is an im­pres­sive for­mula,” says physi­cian Dr. Steve Klay­man.

“Its abil­ity to stim­u­late the body into pro­duc­ing more testos­terone makes it per­fect for ev­ery man who wants to boost his sex­ual re­sponse, im­prove his phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance, brighten his moods, and slow the rate at which his body is ag­ing.”

Kevin J. San An­gelo, Texas is in full agree­ment. He has his life back.

Hard as Steel

“I’ve had prob­lems sus­tain­ing my erec­tions,” con­fesses Kevin.

“I tried Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone and my erec­tion was un­usu­ally hard and I lasted longer than I have in years.”

Re­ac­tions like this are not sur­pris­ing to Dr. Klay­man

Raises Testos­terone

The for­mula pairs dual, testos­terone­boost­ing plant ex­tracts from eu­rycoma longi­fo­lia and fenu­greek seed.

These unique plant chem­i­cals work syn­er­gis­ti­cally to stim­u­late and in­crease nat­u­ral testos­terone pro­duc­tion.

The re­sult is markedly higher lev­els of free testos­terone in the body.

When testos­terone is re­plen­ished, re­gard­less of age or phys­i­cal state of health, any man can en­joy a more pow­er­ful sex drive, en­hanced sex­ual func­tion, in­creased en­ergy lev­els, and a far more plea­sur­able sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ence.

In­creas­ing lev­els of testos­terone is, by it­self, may not be enough to fully re­store wan­ing sex­ual pow­ers, warns Dr. Klay­man

With age and the nat­u­ral up­heaval in hor­monal bal­ance, some men, by no fault of their own, will be­gin to con­vert testos­terone to... es­tro­gen.

Man Boobs Gone Wild

Ever seen a man with pro­nounced ‘man boobs?’

This is of­ten caused by this un­wanted shift in es­tro­gen-testos­terone bal­ance.

The Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone for­mula pre­vents this with the ad­di­tion of a re­mark­able phy­tonu­tri­ent called di­in­dolyl­methane, or DIM.

DIM helps safe­guard and pro­tect a man’s testos­terone re­serves.

Guard­ing Testos­terone

In stud­ies. DIM has been shown to pro­mote healthy es­tro­gen detox­i­fi­ca­tion and elim­i­na­tion from the body, thus sup­port­ing over­all hor­mone bal­ance.

For­mu­la­tors have in­cluded an­other clin­i­cally tested ex­tract, Rho­di­ola rosea that pro­motes a calmer yet more alert mind, paired with in­creased phys­i­cal strength and stamina.

The ef­fects of these per­for­mance­boost­ing ex­tracts are fur­ther mag­ni­fied and in­ten­si­fied by the ad­di­tion of piper ni­grum, an ex­tract that in­creases up­take and as­sim­i­la­tion of other nu­tri­ents.

The ad­di­tion of two crit­i­cal min­er­als, zinc and mag­ne­sium, along with an abun­dant dose of pyri­dox­ine, or vi­ta­min B6 help im­prove mi­cro­cir­cu­la­tion.

De­feat­ing ‘Man’-opause

“I just have to say how much bet­ter I feel since start­ing on Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone,” says Larry D. from Philadel­phia.

“I ad­mit, I thought ‘male menopause’ was a bunch of baloney, but when I read your Re­port on ‘Sur­viv­ing Manopause,’ it was like look­ing in the mir­ror. I thought I was just get­ting old. Now I know bet­ter. Your for­mula has given me a new lease on life!”

Time to Man-Up?

If you be­lieve that you are ac­tu­ally run­ning on empty, in­stead of just grow­ing old, here’s your risk-free op­por­tu­nity to do some­thing about it.

In a very short while, you can be en­joy­ing the en­ergy, strength, con­fi­dence, and sex­ual com­mand that you wielded when you were younger. No doc­tor, no nee­dles, no drugs.

Su­san M. who lives in a large city on the west coast writes about her hus­band’s nigh­tand-day turn­around,

“Jim has been on Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone for four weeks and the changes are mirac­u­lous. He’s like his old self again.”

“My hus­band’s moods have perked up,” says Su­san.

“He’s a lot more ad­ven­tur­ous. Ro­mance­wise, it’s like it was when we first met.,” she smiles.

“He’s car­ing, ad­ven­tur­ous, and ex­tremely pas­sion­ate. I’ve got my best friend back!”

“Thanks to Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone, I’ve gone from hav­ing sex once a week, or some­times less, to three or four times a week,” laughs Jim.

“On our last va­ca­tion in Mex­ico, Su­san and I were at it al­most ev­ery day and night. It was like be­ing on our hon­ey­moon again.”

Get a Free 30 Day Sup­ply

The man­u­fac­turer is of­fer­ing our read­ers the op­por­tu­nity to ob­tain a free 30-day sup­ply of Be­yond Hu­man Testos­terone. Try it risk-free today, and feel the new­found en­ergy, ra­zor-sharp men­tal fo­cus, and the ef­fer­ves­cent joy of youth wash over you.

The first 200 callers can also re­ceive free of charge, the med­i­cal re­port that ev­ery man should read – Sur­viv­ing Manopause. Learn the pre­ven­tive mea­sures that help ward off en­croach­ing ‘old man-itis.’

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