San­ders trumps Trump on is­sues

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There are cur­rently two pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates that are stand­ing out among the typ­i­cal es­tab­lish­ment can­di­dates. These can­di­dates are Don­ald Trump and Bernie San­ders. San­ders speaks of com­pas­sion for oth­ers and Trump speaks of hate to­wards those deemed dif­fer­ent or “un-Amer­i­can.” While Trump praises him­self and his plans, many had bet­ter wake up and re­al­ize that San­ders is likely the can­di­date that will ben­e­fit them and their fam­i­lies in the long run.

Trump wants to re­peal the Af­ford­able Care Act and go to a free mar­ket health care sys­tem. This will mean that health in­sur­ers would be with­out reg­u­la­tions and prices could go as high as the in­surer wants them to go. Health in­sur­ers will go back to charg­ing higher rates for, or deny­ing cov­er­age for, those with pre-ex­ist­ing con­di­tions. The fact is that treat­ing health care as a com­mod­ity will most cer­tainly lead to un­fair and in­ef­fi­cient sys­tems with poorer in­di­vid­u­als be­ing the ones that will suf­fer the con­se­quences the most.

Mean­while, San­ders wants to move us to a sin­gle payer health care sys- tem. This means that ev­ery­one would have health in­surance cov­er­age paid for by their tax dol­lars rather than pay­ing monthly pre­mi­ums. While in this sys­tem health care is paid for by the gov­ern­ment, the de­liv­ery of care will be pro­vided by pri­vate health care providers. All U.S. res­i­dents would be el­i­gi­ble for this cov­er­age that would in­clude; med­i­cal, den­tal, vision, men­tal health, pre­scrip­tions and long-term care.

Trump wants to bring the jobs back to the coun­try by low­er­ing the cor­po­rate tax rate. His plan pro­vides ab­so­lutely no res­o­lu­tion or clos­ing of the loop­holes that al­low cor­po­ra­tions to move overseas. A man who claims to be so tough on the is­sues in­tends to only “dis­cour­age” the use of cor­po­rate in­ver­sions which is one of the meth­ods cor­po­ra­tions use to dodge their tax re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and move overseas. Cor­po­rate in­ver­sions have con­trib­uted to the loss of jobs here in the U.S. and are a le­gal form of tax eva­sion.

San­ders, on the other hand, wants to cre­ate jobs by re­build­ing our in­fra­struc­ture which is some­thing that is be­com­ing an ur­gent is­sue. The re­build­ing will be paid for by mak­ing cor­po­ra­tions pay taxes on all of the prof­its they have shifted to off­shore tax havens through cor­po­rate in­ver­sions and other loop­holes. Af­ter all it is es­ti­mated that the U.S. loses $100 bil­lion in tax dol­lars an­nu­ally through these types of cor­po­rate loop­holes.

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