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DEAR MARY: I have been us­ing Nok-Out (which was re­cently re­named SNiPER) very suc­cess­fully for months. Thank you for the rec­om­men­da­tion.

How­ever, I have cat urine odor on my sofa and chair that I can’t get out. She sprayed on them. (Did you know that a spayed fe­male cat will spray un­der s t r ess?) I have soaked the stains thor­oughly, more than once. Some­times the stench goes away for a short pe­riod of time; other times it smells like a combo of urine and Nok-out for awhile. But the full odor re­turns. Help! I can’t stand it. — Linda

DEAR LINDA: Oh boy, this is bad. The of­fend­ing odor soaked into the stuff­ing of those pieces of fur­ni­ture. Nok-Out has to pen­e­trate suc­cess­fully to reach ev­ery area that was in­fected. If the cat truly sprayed, is it pos­si­ble that the spray went in all di­rec­tions and you might need to ex­pand the area of treat­ment?

I sent an SOS to Ted Price at Nok-Out ask­ing him what he thinks your best bet is. I cer­tainly know why you’re hav­ing this prob­lem, but I’m not fully con­fi­dent in a so­lu­tion: The fol­low­ing is my cor­re­spon­dence with Ted. — Mary

DEAR TED: Can you take a look at Linda’s cat odor prob­lem, which is in­cluded in this col­umn, and weigh in on how to use Nok-Out to elim­i­nate this hor­ri­ble odor once and for all? — Mary

DEAR LINDA: Sure, Mary. I feel your pain, Linda! But don’t worry: There is a per­ma­nent so­lu­tion to this prob­lem and I’m sure I can help.

The most im­por­tant thing you need to know when us­ing Nok-Out is that it is an ox­i­dizer. When it comes into di­rect con­tact with the stinky stuff, it ox­i­dizes (changes) the area so it no longer has an odor. The op­er­a­tive phrase here is: Di­rect con­tact.


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