It pays to pay at­ten­tion

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CATCH­ING ER­RORS PAYS. We just caught $80 of cler­i­cal er­rors in two days. Three er­rors hap­pened at the gro­cery store. I got dou­blecharged for one item, and was go­ing to be charged full price for a clear­ance item be­cause they for­got to black out the bar­code. At another gro­cery store, I was sup­posed to get a half pound of cheese for free if I bought a pound of meat. I bought the full pound of meat but they did not take off the cheese. Another er­ror hap­pened to my hus­band: he bought a $2 mea­sur­ing cup, but was charged $69. The clerk had put the next per­son’s pur­chase on his card. This was caught on cam­era. All these er­rors were cor­rected be­cause we were pay­ing at­ten­tion. Les­son learned: Check your re­ceipts im­me­di­ately and check on­line bank state­ments daily. These er­rors can add up quickly. — Mar­garet

SE­CRET CODE. Do not carry your So­cial Se­cu­rity card with you. Mem­o­rize the num­ber. If you aren’t con­fi­dent in that, write it down in code form, such as a long string of num­bers where the in­di­vid­ual num­bers of your SS num­ber are hid­den in the 1st, 3rd or 5th places in the chain. Do this on a 3 x 5 note card with no ti­tle. Any­one who finds it won’t have a clue. — John

CLEAN­ING K-CUPS. Tired of try­ing to get K-cups clean? Use a baby bot­tle brush. Stick the end of the brush into the cup, give a cou­ple of twists, rinse the wa­ter and voila! It’s that easy. — Laura

DVR WITH NO MONTHLY FEE. A reader asked about record­ing dig­i­tal chan­nels. You cer­tainly don’t need to pay a monthly fee to do that. I bought an iView DVR for about 40 bucks. You need to con­nect an ex­ter­nal hard drive to it us­ing a USB ca­ble be­cause it doesn’t have its own stor­age ca­pa­bil­ity. I bought an ex­ter­nal hard drive case for about 30 bucks and used a 40-gi­ga­byte hard drive that I had re­moved from an old PC.


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