Squir­rel-proof a bird feeder

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BE­COM­ING SQUIR­REL-PROOF. Af­ter watch­ing squirrels hang up­side down on my bird feed­ers, some­times one on each s ide of the roof, I fi­nally found the so­lu­tion: a r ub­ber glove and a jar of Vase­line. I smeared the pole from top to bot­tom with the Vase­line. In no time at all, I watched as one squir­rel tried to climb the pole and had to jump off be­cause it was too slip­pery. So far, none have been able to over­come the Vase­line. I am en­joy­ing feed­ing many dif­fer­ent birds at the feeder. — Marge

CATCH MICE LIKE MAGIC. I have another use for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I bought a new one and stored it un­der my kitchen sink. The next day, I reached for it and no­ticed that some­thing had been eat­ing it — pieces of torn- up sponge were ev­ery­where. A mouse, I thought. So I got out some handy mouse traps, and as I was about to use peanut but­ter for bait, I sud­denly thought, “If he likes the Magic Eraser so much...” So I cut off a piece and used it to bait the trap ( it’s so much less messy than sticky peanut but­ter). This morn­ing I found the mouse in the trap. He went for it! Who would have thought? — Sharon

OR­NA­MENT STOR­AGE CON­TAINER. I re­use the plas­tic ap­ple con­tain­ers from Costco to store my Christ­mas or­na­ments. The clear plas­tic con­tain­ers stack nicely and are rigid enough to pro­tect del­i­cate or­na­ments. Plus, I can eas­ily see what’s inside each con­tainer. — Mar­i­anne


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