What test prep re­sources does the li­brary of­fer?


Spe­cial to the Whig

Dear Li­brar­ian: Af­ter see­ing my son’s PSAT scores, I re­al­ize he needs to do some study­ing be­fore tak­ing the SAT in the fall. Does the li­brary have study guides we can check out?

Dear Reader: Not only does the li­brar y of­fer study guides in the tra­di­tional pa­per form, but if you have a li­brary card al­ready, fire up the lap­top or tablet right now and ac­cess our free on­line prac­tice tests. With a choice of two dif­fer­ent prod­ucts, your son is wel­come to try both to see which fits his learn­ing style best. Once you have cre­ated a lo­gin, choose to take part of the prac­tice test or power through from math to read­ing. Full text study guides are also avail­able as part of th­ese prod­ucts if things just aren’t go­ing well.

With months to go be­fore the fall SAT, sign up for a free sixweek Gale Course SAT/ACT Prep Course. This two- part, in­struc­tor- led on­line course pro­vides lessons, in­ter­ac­tion and con­tent quizzes and would be per­fect to keep skills fresh over sum­mer break. Maybe while he is there, point out all the ca­reer in­tro­duc­tion cour­ses on of­fer, if he is still un­de­cided about a di­rec­tion af­ter high school.

Then, once he aces the SAT, come back and ex­plore the col­lege and schol­ar­ship in­for­ma­tion the li­brary of­fers to take your next step. With so many free op­tions, we hope all stu­dents can find the help they need to take their first steps to­ward achiev­ing col­lege and a suc­cess­ful ca­reer.

A list of li­brary re­sources can be found on­line: http:// www. ce­cil. ebranch. info/ adults/ test- prep-- schol­ar­ships/.

Late reg­is­tra­tion for the May 7 test closes April 26. For the June 4 test, reg­u­lar reg­is­tra­tion ends May 5 and late reg­is­tra­tion closes May 25. Fall test dates have not yet been an­nounced.

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This Week’s Trivia Ques­tion: When was the SAT first ad­min­is­tered?

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