Spring clean­ing: 8 ar­eas you can’t over­look

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Spring is here, which means it’s time to start clean­ing.

While a good wipe down can leave your home feel­ing clean, there are sev­eral over­looked items that could be host­ing germs, dirt and dust. So when you’re ready to get out the broom, mop and rags, don’t for­get to tidy up th­ese ar­eas of the home.

1. Bed pil­lows. Clean your pil­lows ev­ery six months by pop­ping them in the wash­ing ma­chine. For the best re­sults, wash two pil­lows at a time to help keep the washer bal­anced.

2. Wash­ing ma­chine. Run an empty washer through a “Nor­mal” cy­cle to keep your washer de­liv­er­ing at its best per­for­mance.

3. Dryer. In ad­di­tion to clean­ing out the lint trap, use the noz­zle at­tach­ment of your vac­uum to suck out any dirt that makes its way into the dryer. Then, wipe down the in­side of the dryer with soapy wa­ter.

4. Elec­tronic screens. Com­puter and flat-screens can get spotty. Give all of your screens a clean­ing with a screen-safe spray or wipes de­signed for mon­i­tors.

5. Bath mat. You step on it al­most ev­ery day, so if you’re not wash­ing your bath mat reg­u­larly, then you’re step­ping in left­over dead skin par­ti­cles, soap scum and dirt af­ter show­er­ing. Terry cloth and rub­ber mats can be ma­chine washed while wooden mats can be wiped down with an all-pur­pose cleaner.

6. Dish­washer. That won­der­ful ap­pli­ance in your kitchen does in fact need to be cleaned too. First, re­move and rinse the fil­ter (de­tach­able cylin­dri­cal fil­ter lo­cated on the bot­tom of the dish­washer) un­der the faucet. Large food par­ti­cles can get stuck in the fil­ter which may cause a funky odor. Next, place a dish­washer-safe cup full of vine­gar on the empty dish­washer’s top rack. Run a full cy­cle, us­ing the hot-wa­ter set­ting. Fi­nally, sprin­kle a cup of bak­ing soda on the bot­tom of the dish­washer and run a short hot-wa­ter cy­cle.

7. Ceil­ing fans and light fix­tures. Hard-to-reach lights and fans are easy to for­get. Use a soft mi­crofiber cloth to re­move large amounts of dust on ceil­ing fans, and run glass light fix­tures through the dish­washer to bring the sparkle back quickly.

8. Mat­tress. A clean bed means more than wash­ing your sheets and pil­low­cases. First, use the up­hol­stery at­tach­ment on your vac­uum to re­move any crumbs or dust. Then, blot or rub stains with a com­bi­na­tion of hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide, liq­uid dish soap, and bak­ing soda with a clean rag. Fi­nally, sprin­kle a light layer of bak­ing soda over the en­tire mat­tress and let it sit for a cou­ple of hours. This will ab­sorb any ex­cess liq­uid from the stain re­moval process. Hit your mat­tress with the vac­uum once more to re­move the pow­der and leave your mat­tress smelling fresh and clean.

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