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DEAR MARY: I have been mak­ing and us­ing your con­cen­trated laun­dry de­ter­gent for sev­eral years now, and I love sav­ing money that the money with it. But some­times I end up with lots of white, chunky solids at the bot­tom of the con­tainer. Am I do­ing some­thing wrong when I mix the de­ter­gent with hot wa­ter? — Jean

DEAR JEAN: This crys­tal­liza­tion that forms af­ter a while is per­fectly nor­mal and harm­less. I usu­ally go through a gal­lon of this con­cen­trate so fast that the cr ys­tal­liza­tion doesn’t have a chance to hap­pen. But when it does, I use it up just as if it were still in liq­uid form. No harm, no foul. I find that if I shake the de­ter­gent well each time I use it the crys­tal­liza­tion is less pro­nounced. If this is a huge prob­lem for you, you could eas­ily halve the recipe to make 1/2 gal­lon of liq­uid de­ter­gent con­cen­trate at a time.

And al­though you did not ask, but be­cause oth­ers will, our home­made laun­dry de­ter­gent is HE com­pli­ant, mean­ing it’s suit­able for use in high-ef­fi­ciency wash­ing ma­chines. It is com­pletely sud­s­less — which is re­quired for use in low-wa­ter vol­ume ma­chines — pro­vided you use a very small amount (2 ta­ble­spoons to 1/4 cup max­i­mum).

DEAR MARY: Thank you for telling us about Den­talPlans. Is there any pos­si­bil­ity that some­thing like this ex­ists for vi­sion care? — Carl

DEAR CARL: There is and a very good pos­si­bil­ity! Ac­tu­ally, many of the in­sur­ance com­pa­nies now of­fer­ing these Den­tal Sav­ings Plans (which I wrote about in “Den­tal Sav­ings Plans Will Put a Big Smile on Your Face”) in­clude and/or of­fer com­pan­ion sav­ings plans for vi­sion care, hear­ing and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals.


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