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The Amer­i­can pub­lic has a rare op­por­tu­nity this elec­tion cy­cle. They have the power to change the cur­rent gov­ern­ment as we now know it.

Con­gres­sional ap­proval is at its low­est point and ca­reer politi­cians want but one thing: to be re-elected. In­cum­bent politi­cians have had their chance at change and failed to rep­re­sent their con­stituents at ev­ery turn. They are ei­ther too busy with the pol­i­tics of their party or lin­ing their cof­fers with the flood of money from spe­cial in­ter­est lob­by­ists.

I’ve of­ten felt that the me­chanic who works on my car or the fac­tory worker who strug­gles week-by-week to meet their bills would serve me bet­ter than what I’m get­ting from Washington to­day. I’d be bet­ter off if the grand­mother greeter from Wal-Mart sat in the seat of Congress than the self-serv­ing politi­cians we have to­day.

Our op­por­tu­nity is the right to vote! We need to vote them out, ev­ery sin­gle in­cum­bent that’s run­ning for re­elec­tion, re­gard­less of party. It’s time that “We the Peo­ple” were heard and fairly rep­re­sented in our na­tion’s cap­i­tal. Just think on it for a mo­ment and let it sink in?

A Con­sti­tu­tional Repub­lic, “Of the Peo­ple, By the Peo­ple, and For the Peo­ple,” I kind of like the sound of that!

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