Don’t re­main part of the sta­tus quo

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The Ce­cil Whig’s May 17 ar­ti­cle says it all: ”Elkton Fra­ter­nal Or­der of Police Lodge 124 has en­dorsed the sta­tus quo”

Sta­tus quo be­ing de­fined as the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion or the way things are now. An ex­am­ple would be “The Elkton Police is con­tent with the sta­tus quo and does not want change.”

Per the FOP Face­book page, “Our FOP Lodge is com­prised of all the of­fi­cers from the police depart­ment.”

Now stop and think about that for minute. Elkton has one of the high­est crime rates in the State of Mary­land per FBI sta­tis­tics, and the Elkton Police Depart­ment is con­tent with that! That should bother you.

It is no se­cret that Elkton police of­fi­cers will seek a 20-year, rather than 25-year, pen­sion plan in rene­go­ti­a­tions of their con­tract next year. The Elkton FOP is en­dors­ing the in­cum­bents. How quickly the Elkton FOP for­gets how they had to fight tooth and nail, go­ing door-to-door to pe­ti­tion tax­pay­ers just to get a 25-year re­tire­ment on the bal­lot. Where were those sup­port­ing in­cum­bents then?

Not to men­tion that the Town of Elkton has a se­ri­ous con­cern on how it will fi­nan­cially meet the cur­rent 25-year re­tire­ment. Wouldn’t you hate to be on the other end of that tele­phone line, when the town calls to tell you af­ter five years of re­tire­ment, there is no more money and you have to go back to work?

A mem­ber of the Elkton FOP is quoted as say­ing, “We think that they’re tak­ing the town in a good di­rec­tion.” Re­ally? The in­cum­bents have had 20 and 12 years on the board and now they are tak­ing the town in a good di­rec­tion?

And did you know that Dr. Bob Gor­man and Chris Zeauskas were not even in­ter­viewed by the Elkton FOP to ex­plain how they would im­prove the Elkton Police Depart­ment.

Dr. Bob Gor­man and Chris Zeauskas have out­lined plans to im­prove the police depart­ment, ac­tively re­cruit and hire the eight of­fi­cers it des­per­ately needs to con­tinue to do a great job, cre­ate a police sub­sta­tion in Hollingsworth Manor with their own com­mis­sion­ers’ pay, and add a sec­ond K9 of­fi­cer for greater drug en­force­ment. So many great ideas to make Elkton better.

Don’t sit on the fence, have your voice heard and cast a vote for Dr. Bob Gor­man and Chris Zeauskas on Tues­day, May 24. Let the Elkton FOP know that you don’t want to be part of their sta­tus quo. date fil­ing deadline closed, I con­tacted the two peo­ple, through Face­book, who are chal­leng­ing the in­cum­bents. I wanted to meet them and hear about their ideas for Elkton. They never re­sponded. There was also a re­cent Elkton Cham­ber and Al­liance lun­cheon where we could have heard about their ideas di­rectly from them. They re­fused to at­tend. If they treat us this way be­fore the elec­tion, how will they treat us af­ter?

On May 24, we en­cour­age Elkton town res­i­dents to vote for Charles Givens and Earl Piner. They are both born and raised here, are ac­tive in the com­mu­nity and pay at­ten­tion to the is­sues that con­cern the town as well as the busi­ness com­mu­nity.

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