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By Paulo Coelho Send us your PHO­TOS! Is your church host­ing a com­mu­nity event? We would love to run pho­tos from it in the paper! Here’s what to do:

Take pho­to­graphs at the event. Pho­to­graphs taken from too far away gen­er­ally do not re­pro­duce well in the paper; make sure you are close enough to your sub­ject(s) so that we can make out faces and de­tails of what’s hap­pen­ing in the photo.

Write photo cap­tions. What is the name of your church? Where is the church lo­cated? What kind of event did you host? (Pan­cake break­fast, spaghetti din­ner, vis­it­ing pas­tor, spe­cial musi- cal, etc.) Where and when was the event held? What are the names of the peo­ple in the pho­to­graph?

Sub­mit your pho­tos. Sub­mit pho­to­graphs by e-mail to let­ters@ce­cil­ Please re­mem­ber to in­clude the cap­tion in­for­ma­tion in the body of the e-mail. Also, please in­clude you phone num­ber so we can con­tact you with any ques­tions. You can also send pho­tos by mail to: Pictures of Praise, c/o Dara McBride, 601 N. Bridge St., Elk­ton, MD 21921. If you need your pho­tos re­turned, please in­clude a self­ad­dressed en­ve­lope. We will not re­turn any pho­tos sent in without a SASE.

Ques­tions? Call 410-398-3311

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