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In Amer­ica, we can­not ar­gue that we do not live lux­u­ri­ous lives. Now if I were to ask you what the main cause of death is in the world, what would your re­sponse be? Would you be sur­prised to hear that it is not heart dis­ease, can­cer or car ac­ci­dents?

The main cause of death in the world is ac­tu­ally none of the above. What if you found out that hunger was the main cause of death in the world? What if you found out that 10.9 million chil­dren un­der age 5 die in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries each year and that 60 per­cent of those deaths were due to mal­nu­tri­tion and hunger? Would you live dif­fer­ently or would you im­me­di­ately spring to ac­tion?

I am here to in­form you that all the above is true. Many of us are so un- aware of these facts. We have the world at our fin­ger tips, yet re­main ig­no­rant and in­dif­fer­ent. Why? Maybe be­cause it would re­quire us to feel hurt for some­one and maybe be­cause it is hard to see past our own wants and strug­gles. We have a vague mis­un­der­stand­ing of our rights here in Amer­ica. We think that run­ning wa­ter, our smart­phones, car, etc., are our hu­man rights, but they are not. We go our whole lives fo­cus­ing on our­selves.

I refuse to reach the end of my life and re­al­ize I did noth­ing but sat­isfy my­self. In a land given so much, why does less than 1 per­cent of our bud­get go to­ward for­eign aid? In a land given so much, why do so many of us go broke buy­ing stupid things? It will never be enough. You will al­ways want a nicer car, a big­ger house, a fat­ter wal­let or a larger TV. Do not waste your life chas­ing things that will never sat­isfy you. Like I did, I am sure many of you will hold true to your mis­con­cep­tions, but do your re­search and look into how ben­e­fi­cial it is to help lift peo­ple out of poverty.

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