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DEAR MARY: I was won­der­ing if you know of a quick and easy method to pre­vent dish scrub­bers (like the kind with a sponge on one side and a scrub­ber pad on the other) from smelling like mildew. The ones we use start smelling af­ter just a few days. We try to al­ways run them in the dish­washer, but we don’t al­ways re­mem­ber. I some­times spray them with bleach, let them sit for a minute or two and then rinse them off. That seems to work, but I was won­der­ing if there is a bet­ter way. I tried mi­crowav­ing a wet sponge, and that just made it hot and smelly. — Bron­son

DEAR BRON­SON: Putting kitchen sponges in the dish­washer daily — or as of­ten as you run a load of dishes — is the best so­lu­tion. The heat and de­ter­gent kill bac­te­ria and pre­vent mildew from grow­ing. I’m go­ing to as­sume that you only use one sponge at a time. That may be the prob­lem. I sug­gest you ro­tate be­tween at least two sponges in­stead. That way, one will al­ways be avail­able for use while the other is be­ing san­i­tized. Force your­self to run a sponge through the dish­washer ev­ery time, and soon it will be­come a habit. I hope that helps!

DEAR MARY: Can I use your floor cleaner recipe to clean my wooden cab­i­nets? — Mil­lie

DEAR MIL­LIE: Clean­ing wooden cab­i­nets with my EC Wood and Lam­i­nate Floor Cleaner (1 part rub­bing al­co­hol to 4 parts dis­tilled water, plus a few drops blue Dawn dish­wash­ing liq­uid) will not harm your cab­i­nets. How­ever, if you want to deep clean your cab­i­nets and con­di­tion the wood to look as beau­ti­ful as new, that would not be my first choice.


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