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All time is not cre­ated equal

I know Ein­stein had some thoughts on this the­o­rem, but time is not a con­tin­uum, nor is it a warp (usu­ally). It is, how­ever, not all cre­ated equal.

You are prob­a­bly won­der­ing why we are bor­der­ing on the edge of phi­los­o­phy, but bear with me a mo­ment and let’s see what we have. When catch­ing is tough, we tend to wan­der. The first part of this con­cerns time spent in boats: this time is def­i­nitely not cre­ated equal, as most boat own­ers would agree. Sooner or later, said boat will break down or, worse yet, die, leav­ing the boaters up the fa­mous creek, usu­ally with­out a pad­dle. Un­less the boaters are kayak­ers. Then the the­o­rem changes.

One hour spent in a kayak equals five or more hours spent in a mo­tor­boat. If a kayak breaks down (which is rarely) you are in a heap of trou­ble, oth­er­wise you are golden. In the last 50-plus years I have spent in kayaks and ca­noes, only one in­ci­dent in­volved break­age of the kayak. Then it was mo­men­tous: the kayak was bent in half on a rock in the Susque­hanna, leav­ing me float­ing down the river with a life jacket.

There’s a lot to be said for PFD’s in fast wa­ter. Ask ei­ther me or Ken Jr. as we

tread wa­ter in the Rap­pa­hanock or the Cheat River (take your pick). We had left the safety of our guide’s in­flat­able boat on one oc­ca­sion, and the kayaks on the other. How­ever, the other thou­sands of hours were spent safely, prov­ing the point that kayak­ing and canoeing are usu­ally quite fun.

Fish­ing in spots that nor­mal boats can’t reach is darn near un­beat­able. Catch­ing fish is, which brings me to the next point.

An hour spent catch­ing bluegills is worth more than five fish­ing for any­thing else. The key, of course, is catch­ing (the other part in­volves look­ing for). Any­one who be­lieves that any day on the wa­ter is bet­ter than any day at

work is ob­vi­ously in the wrong line of work. Ap­par­ently, he has never spent a day wait­ing for some­one to come and res­cue him. In ad­di­tion, I al­ways be­lieved that teach­ing was not re­ally work, if you liked what you did. Teach­ing in­volves telling sto­ries, and that is what we re­ally re­mem­ber, any­way.

Bluegills are fan­tas­tic lit­tle guys and are in much more abun­dance than bass or the myth­i­cal rock­fish. Plus, they are good fight­ers and are a very wel­come ad­di­tion to any ta­ble.

The last part of to­day’s the­o­rem is that one hour spent with some­one you love is equal to an in­fin­ity spent with some­one you don’t. Do I need to elab­o­rate on this one?

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