Rab­bit­bait buf­fet


DEAR MARY: I love your col­umn! Dur­ing spring I put out beau­ti­ful, young plants hop­ing they would bloom flow­ers all sum­mer long. But I’ve been hav­ing a prob­lem: rab­bits! They munch my plants right down to the ground. There’s a fence around my veg­etable plants, so they’re safe, but my peren­ni­als and an­nu­als are out in the open, and they’re get­ting de­stroyed. Do you have any ideas? — Con­nie

DEAR CON­NIE: Short of fenc­ing your en­tire gar­den and rop­ing chicken wire around the lower 18 inches, there are two la­bor-in­ten­sive ap­proaches that work pretty well. Plant veg­eta­bles that rab­bits hate — pep­pers, cu­cum­bers, tomatoes, corn and squash — among the flow­ers to re­pel them. This doesn’t look very aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing, though, so per­haps the sec­ond ap­proach will be more ap­peal­ing to you — and the rab­bits. Plant veg­eta­bles rab­bits love, such as beans, peas, pars­ley and rosemary, to draw them away from the flow­ers. Just be sure to plant this rab­bit bait far from your beau­ti­ful flow­ers.

DEAR MARY: I know you’re a big pro­po­nent of car­ry­ing cash rather than a debit card. I’ve tried it, but I re­ally like the con­ve­nience of a debit card, and I’m able to man­age my spend­ing bet­ter with it. The prob­lem is I’m not earn­ing any in­ter­est on the money in my check­ing ac­count! Do you know of any high-in­ter­est check­ing ac­counts that would work well? — Max­ine DEAR MAX­INE: I do have good news and a rec­om­men­da­tion for a check­ing ac­count that pays up to 5 per­cent APY. Take a look at the new Ul­ti­mateAc­count of­fered by Northpointe Bank. Cer­tain con­di­tions must be met to get the 5.00 per­cent in­ter­est rate (men­tioned be­low). But given your money-man­age­ment style, I bet you’d eas­ily qual­ify.

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