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Shark fish­ing, IMAX style

I think I have come up with a great new IMAX ad­ven­ture film. Have you ever been shark fish­ing? Adren­a­line comes in bushel buck­ets, along with a full sen­sory over­load.

Shark fish­ing is done on a boat, usu­ally, in the com­pany of a few se­lect friends and a cap­tain who knows the game. Buck­ets of chum (pieces of fish) are la­dled into the brine un­til a fin is spot­ted or the fish finder lights up. Then the real game be­gins.

Some­one spots the shark, yells a warn­ing to the guy (or girl) whose turn it is to man (or woman) the rod. When the rod goes down, buck­ets­ful of adren­a­line go full tilt. This is not for the faint of heart. The clos­est anal­ogy I can think of is that you have been handed a light­ning rod and zapped with a zil­lion volts. It’s that elec­tric.

The shark, of course, does his level best to wrench the rod out of your hand and make you the bait. This is the last thing you ever want to do: be eaten alive, one of our great­est fears.

Sharks are un­be­liev­ably strong and are the apex preda­tors of the sea; they eat ev­ery­thing slower than they are. If you are lucky enough to get the shark to the boat, the mate will be ready to gaff or shoot the shark. That’s right, as in 12 gauge friendly, and, by this time, you’ll be glad to have it by your side.

When the ex­plo­sion oc­curs and the blood bath be­gins, guess what hap­pens: the rest of the pack zoom in and the real fun starts. Use your imag­i­na­tion from here.

Now here’s where IMAX comes in. Make this into an IMAX movie, com­plete with salt spray thrown into your face and the smell of the sea, blood and sweat drench you, you hold an imag­i­nary fish­ing rod which is thrashed around and pos­si­bly yanked from your hand, and you will sweat buck­ets of pheromones. Maybe the guy next gets yanked from his seat, and when he screams, your heart hits over­drive.

Count me in! I want a seat for this game! And maybe even a lit­tle moola for com­ing up with the idea.

MSSA River­fest is com­ing up!

Our North­ern Bay chap­ter of the MSSA is go­ing ahead with this year’s River­fest in Charlestown on Au­gust 6 from 9 un­til noon. As in the past, we are be­ing helped by the Well­wood Club, who will sup­ply dogs and burg­ers for all. MSSA will sup­ply drinks and chips at the pic­nic at the end of the event.

Sign up a lit­tle early and join the fun. John Poe is in charge this year; he will be aided by other fish­er­men who know the game, as well. There will be prizes for each of three age groups. Prospec­tive fish­er­men are en­cour­aged to bring their own gear, or they may bor­row some from John and the MSSA.

More info will fol­low as the date draws closer. For now, con­tact John Poe at 302-218-2676.

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