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I’m like a gi­ant sponge. I ab­sorb what­ever I al­low my­self to be ex­posed to. Of course, I can’t al­ways con­trol my sur­round­ings to avoid any­thing neg­a­tive, but I’ve had a gi­ant wake-up call in the past week. I’ve al­lowed my­self to be­come overly sat­u­rated with the cares of the world and the prophets of doom (and gloom). It’s time to re­boot my spirit.

Here are the five things I will be do­ing on a daily ba­sis over the com­ing 30 days:

1. Turn­ing off the TV. I am one to have it on in the back­ground, all the time. I’m drawn to news and talk shows and you know what that means — the trou­bles of the world play­ing over and over.

2. Leav­ing Wall Street. I am not go­ing to check any stock mar­ket fig­ures, fol­low any eco­nomic forecasts or look at my own in­vest­ments. It’s easy for me to be­come ob­ses­sive about those fig­ures. When I load up on too much eco­nomic prophecy, I be­come weighed down with “what could hap­pen.”

3. Spend­ing time with God. Rarely am I in soli­tude. I am a mul­ti­tasker and do many things at the same time. I am go­ing to make time for be­ing alone. I will pray, write in my jour­nal and just lis­ten.

4. Go­ing to bed at a set time. I tend to see night­time as the ex­tra hours I need in my day­time. I of­ten work through the night, fall­ing into bed at 3 a.m. just to have my alarm go off at 6 a.m. I know this is ter­ri­ble for my men­tal acu­ity, my health and my fam­ily. I am com­mit­ted to go­ing to bed at 11:30 p.m. ev­ery night.

5. Guard­ing my mind. Even with the four above items in play, I have a re­lent­lessly churn­ing mind. But guess what? That is some­thing I have in my con­trol. I can choose what I will think about. So this month, I am mak­ing a con­certed ef­fort to make sure the thoughts on which I dwell are pos­i­tive, em­pow­er­ing and en­abling of good things in my life.

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