Cheap ways to fly, stay cool and clean up

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Dear Mary: I have dis­cov­ered a web­site, Skiplagged. com (also a com­pan­ion smart­phone app) for find­ing super cheap air­fares. I have com­par­i­son shopped but have found noth­ing cheaper, and I fly a lot. The se­cret: oneway flights. Of­ten you are skip­ping the sec­ond leg and your des­ti­na­tion is ac­tu­ally the stopover city. — Kasey

Dear Kasey: Great find. I just spent a lit­tle time com­par­ing prices trips I have taken re­cently and also trips I have booked and I’m amazed. This site re­ally de­liv­ers.

Dear Mary: I live in Florida where sum­mer is HOT! To add to the is­sue, I have low blood pres­sure and if I get too warm I get very sick, faint and nauseous. So I’m al­ways look­ing for some­thing to help me stay cool. Way 2 Cool is brand of light­weight, evap­o­ra­tive cool­ing tow­els. I just soak mine in cool wa­ter, wring it out and place it around my neck to cool off quickly. It has no chem­i­cals and can be used over and again. Just re-wet it. My cool­ing towel is easy to pack, too. Per­fect for any­one who wants to stay cool while be­ing ac­tive. Comes in a lot of col­ors, too. — Laura

Dear Laura: When I got your mes­sage, I wasted no time get­ting one of these cool­ing clothes so I could check it out. You are so right on this. It works just as you say — and nearly in­stantly!

Dear Mary: I can­not do without my Trader Joe’s Super Amaz­ing Re­us­able Kitchen Cloths . They wring tight and are won­der­ful for wip­ing out the wa­ter spots in the sink. They go right into the washer, dryer and then back to work. When they get a hole, they go into the rag box and do won­ders all around the house. — Eileen

Dear Eileen: I am on my way to Cal­i­for­nia in the morn­ing, and you can be sure Trader Joe’s (many lo­ca­tions there, not so many here in Colorado) is on my list. I can’t wait to try these super amaz­ing cloths. I’m al­ready sold on these super amaz­ing cloths, given your ster­ling re­view.


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