Help! I can’t get rid of rust stains

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Dear Mary: Our wa­ter pres­sure is very high, which has cre­ated r ust- col­ored stains in our fiber­glass bath­tub. How can I re­move these ter­ri­ble stains? — MaryAnne

Dear MaryAnne: I have two op­tions for you, start­ing with a prod­uct you may al­ready own, but have never dreamed you’d use in a bath­tub: Lysol Toi­let Bowl Cleaner. Se­ri­ously, it’s the best thing for fiber­glass, acrylic and porce­lain tubs. Cover the stains with it and let it sit for an hour or so. You may need to scrub with a Scotch-Brite or sim­i­lar scrub­ber. I am rea­son­ably con­fi­dent this will re­move the rust stains.

How­ever, if your stains are really stub­born, I’d skip the Lysol and go straight to the big gun of rust re­movers: Iron Out. I love this prod­uct be­cause it con­tains no harsh or abra­sive chem­i­cals, un­like other rust re­movers.

Dear Mary: Could you sug­gest an­other prod­uct for clean­ing a front-load­ing wash­ing ma­chine be­sides Tide Wash­ing Ma­chine Cleaner? When my hus­band uses it our whole house smells like chem­i­cals for a week. Do you have a home­made recipe? — Robyn

Dear Robyn: Be­fore I tell you, prom­ise me you will weigh it against the owner’s man­ual that came with your washer. I don’t want you to do any­thing that might in­val­i­date your war­ranty.

I have a fairly new GE Front Loader. It has a “Bas­ket Clean” set­ting, which I am sup­posed to run monthly. The in­struc­tions say to pour a gal­lon of liq­uid chlo­rine bleach into the drum (while empty), close the door and turn on the Bas­ket Clean cy­cle. Do you see where I’m go­ing here? I be­lieve bleach is the an­swer. I’m not say­ing it isn’t smelly, but the smell dis­si­pates quickly, usu­ally by the time the clean­ing cy­cle is fin­ished.

The rea­son front-load­ers need to be cleaned is to kill any bac­te­ria or mold that might be grow­ing in the tight gas­kets and seals that are unique to front-load­ers. Bleach is a pow­er­ful foe of bac­te­ria.


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