‘Loan’ to gro­cery gi­ant im­moral

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A re­cent press re­lease from the Ce­cil County Of­fice of Eco­nomic De­vel­op­ment touted the “100 new jobs” that a new Lidl dis­tri­bu­tion cen­ter would bring to Ce­cil County.

How­ever, there are some very dis­turb­ing el­e­ments to the deal that was struck be­tween Lidl and the Of­fice of Eco­nomic De­vel­op­ment. Buried at the end of the press re­lease was the ad­mis­sion that Lidl was given a $20,000 “Work­force Train­ing Grant” and a $16,000 “con­di­tional loan” through the CCOED. We all un­der­stand that a grant is a gift of tax­payer dol­lars. Ap­par­ently, so is a “con­di­tional loan.”

I con­tacted the of­fice and was in­formed that “if cer­tain con­di­tions are met,” the “loan” to Lidl will not need to be re­paid. On top of the hand­out from Ce­cil County, Lidl will also re­ceive a $360,000 hand­out from the state. This is an outra- geous use of tax­payer dol­lars.

Lidl is the fifth largest re­tailer in the world and does roughly $83 bil­lion — that’s right bil­lion — in sales per year. It is im­moral for our lo­cal and state gov­ern­ment to con­fis­cate the wealth of cit­i­zens and re­dis­tribute it to a for­eign cor­po­ra­tion that is mak­ing huge prof­its.

It’s also un­fair to tax other busi­nesses and then use that money to help an­other busi­ness that may be a com­peti­tor. Gov­ern­ment should re­frain from par­tic­i­pat­ing in crony­cap­i­tal­ism and let the free mar­ket de­ter­mine who suc­ceeds and who doesn’t.

Bob Willick is the state co­or­di­na­tor for Mary­land Cam­paign for Lib­erty. pre­sented by the FBI di­rec­tor, and also demon­strates that Clin­ton lied to Congress. Elect­ing Clin­ton, a proven crim­i­nal, would un­der­mine our mil­i­tary, our nation and our morale. To those who blindly sup­port Clin­ton, con­sider strongly that ide­o­log­i­cal sup­port for a crim­i­nal sets a dan­ger­ous prece­dent for all peo­ple, re­gard­less of po­lit­i­cal party, be­cause the act of elect­ing Clin­ton will nul­lify the found­ing prin­ci­pal that the USA is a nation of laws and not men.

Elect­ing Clin­ton will af­firm just the op­po­site: the new USA is a nation of men and women who can game the sys­tem or have enough money to buy the sys­tem, while the com­mon man and woman are sub­ju­gated by it. In short, the new USA will be af­firmed to be no bet­ter than a ba­nana repub­lic, whose elected lead­ers are no bet­ter than in­stalled dic­ta­tors, and we the peo­ple will have no voice. The fact that nei­ther the cur­rent sit­ting at­tor­ney gen­eral or pres­i­dent will not en­force jus­tice when it comes to Clin­ton fur­ther proves the level of cor­rup­tion in this pre­sent gov­ern­ment, and, un­der nor­mal cir­cum­stances, would demon­strate trea­sonous ac­tion on their part, mer­it­ing im­peach­ment. This will not hap­pen be­cause of lack of po­lit­i­cal will and be­cause of the afore­men­tioned cor­rup­tion.

The only so­lu­tion is our vot­ing at the bal­lot box. Let’s not al­low this elec­tion to be the last this once-free nation ex­pe­ri­ences. ists from Per­ryville have helped make this pos­si­ble.

But the clinic has strug­gled since open­ing to be­come self-sup­port­ing. Care is pro­vided at low or no cost to the pa­tients, while over­head and other health care costs con­tinue to rise. We have bridged the short­fall of over $10 mil­lion to keep the clinic open, but can no longer bear these sig­nif­i­cant costs alone. With this re­al­ity in mind, we have had on­go­ing dis­cus­sions since 2014 with lead­ers in Ce­cil County to find a way to share the costs and keep the clinic doors open.

Our goal re­mains firm: to help serve those who need den­tal care wher­ever we can. Us­ing new op­er­a­tional mod­els, the school re­cently es­tab­lished a cost-shar­ing part­ner­ship to care for low-in­come res­i­dents in Fred­er­ick County. The long-term sus­tain­abil­ity of the Per­ryville clinic de­pends on part­ner­ship, with ev­ery­one in­vested in its suc­cess. We will con­tinue to do all we can to work with the com­mu­nity to cre­ate a sus­tain­able model that ev­ery­one can be proud of.

Mark A. Reynolds is the dean of the Univer­sity of Mary­land School of Den­tistry.

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