Chop­ping can be com­pul­sive

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I just did some­thing I haven’t done in years. I took the week­end and the hol­i­day off. And I made salsa — from scratch.

I used my ab­so­lute fa­vorite kitchen gad­get, the Vi­dalia Chop Wiz­ard, to chop the stuff that needed chop­ping .

Us­ing the Chop Wiz­ard I was able to chop the toma­toes quickly into uni­form slices with­out launch­ing seeds and pulp across the room or turn­ing the whole tomato into a squishy mess . Then I chopped the other in­gre­di­ents and m ixed them all to­gether with lime juice, salt and pep­per. I was done in about 5 min­utes.

I love my Chop Wiz­ard. I look for things to chop just be­cause it’s so much fun. And the re­sults are al­ways so amaz­ing.

I know I run the risk of sound­ing like a paid Chop Wiz­ard spokesper­son. It’s just that this gad­get is such a time saver, and given the fact that it makes me want to make stuff from scratch, it’s a money saver, too.

I bought my first Chop Wiz­ard years ago in re­sponse to a late-night TV in­fomer­cial. Re­mark­ably, it is still be­ing pro­duced and is now avail­able in stores and on­line for about $20. I can’t say that ev­ery­thing I’ve pur­chased through an in­fomer­cial or PBS spe­cial has turned out quite as well. I’ve been burned a num­ber of times when my com­pul­sive na­ture met a weak mo­ment head-on. So how do I deal with com­pul­sive­ness when it comes to buy­ing stuff? I have these spe­cific ques­tions writ­ten on a flow­chart that I keep close by, and I force my­self to an­swer them when I’m think­ing about buy­ing some­thing. —Do I need it? —Can I af­ford it? —Do I al­ready have some­thing that will do?

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