Other uses for dryer sheets

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PESTS. Readers have con­firmed that dryer sheets will re­pel both spi­ders and flies. Keep a few ex­tra sheets in clothes ham­pers and around the laun­dry area, and you can kiss all those spi­ders good­bye.

TIS­SUE ROLL. Roll up a dryer sheet and stuff it in­side the pa­per roll. Each time you spin it re­leases a lit­tle fresh­ness into your bath­room.

BLINDS. Wipe down your blinds with a dryer sheet to pre­vent static elec­tric­ity and keep dust from col­lect­ing.

LUG­GAGE. Slip a dryer sheet into your suit­cases while they are in stor­age, and they won’t smell musty when you take them out to use.

RO­DENTS. Place dryer sheets in draw­ers and near en­trances and ex­its in your camper when it is not be­ing used. They will keep ro­dents from com­ing in­side.

VAC­UUM. Place a used dryer sheet in the bag of your vac­uum. Sweep your house, and once you’re done the air will smell as fresh as your clothes.

SCIS­SORS. If your scis­sors or kitchen shears are not cut­ting as smoothly as you would like, it’s no prob­lem. Cut through sev­eral lay­ers of a dryer sheet a few times and they’ll cut eas­ily again.

ROAD TAR. Get the car wet, then use a dryer sheet to wipe away all the bugs and road tar. It’s eas­ier and faster than most ex­pen­sive bug and tar re­movers.

SHOES. Pop a sheet into each of your less-than-freshsmelling sneak­ers, san­dals or boots, then place them in a plas­tic bag. Tie it closed. In the morn­ing your shoes will smell so much bet­ter.

FAUCETS. Used dryer sheets make great cloths for quick shine-ups in the bath­room and kitchen. Just use one on each of your chrome faucets, and en­joy the sparkle.

STATIC CLING. Stop static cling on clothes, or tame your fly­away hairs, by rub­bing a sheet over the prob­lem area.

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