Fields of Faith unites Chris­tian teens



— The pre­vail­ing mes­sage of this year’s Fields of Faith, held Wed­nes­day night at Ris­ing Sun High School, was to con­nect with God, stay con­nected and tell oth­ers about their faith.

The an­nual gath­er­ing, hosted by Ce­cil County’s Fel­low­ship of Chris­tian Ath­letes, brought more than 340 peo­ple to Tiger Sta­dium to hear stu­dents and pas­tors talk about be­ing a per­son of faith in to­day’s world.

Among the stu­dent speak­ers


was Katie Eisen­huth, who ex­plained how her faith in Je­sus keeps her anx­i­ety and fear in check.

“Why do I doubt my­self when God cre­ated me in His im­age?” Eisen­huth said. “There is still sin and evil in the world, but hav­ing God makes it eas­ier to go through.”

Bethany Wil­son, who led the ser­vice along with Ben Sav­ick, said it was Eisen­huth who calmed her fears over the last minute de­tails for Fields of Faith.

“I was stress­ing about this event, and she sent me four Bi­ble verses,” said Wil­son, Ris­ing Sun High School’s hud­dle leader, who added that the verses gave her peace and that it is typ­i­cal of her friend to rec­og­nize a need.

“Her re­la­tion­ship with God is amaz­ing,” Wil­son said.

Sadie Leonard talked about how go­ing to a new school and get­ting in­volved in FCA has had a big im­pact in her life.

“I didn’t have to change my­self to get along,” she

said of her tran­si­tion into The Tome School. “As my faith grew, I knew I had to share this new­found joy with oth­ers.”

Shar­ing that joy is also im­por­tant, Leonard said. She feels free to ex­press her­self now and owes that to “my safe haven in Christ.”

“I don’t usu­ally pester my friends, but for Je­sus I could be an­noy­ing,” Leonard said.

Grace­hope Stevens said it was her faith that pulled her from a dark place where she con­sid­ered end­ing it all. In prayer, she said she heard God tell her she was not a mis­take.

“I fig­ured if God wanted me in heaven, I’d be in heaven,” Stevens said, adding she now knows she is needed here.

“I need to reach out and show that I am a Chris­tian,” she said. “Never hide your Chris­tian­ity. Stand up and be proud. Yes, I am a Chris­tian!”

Au­tumn Wolfe said she has no prob­lem shar­ing her faith at her school.

“I’m not con­cerned about peo­ple judg­ing me be­cause I know God loves me and that’s all that mat­ters,” the Tome School ju­nior said.

Alexis Brewer told the crowd that find­ing the FCA hud­dle at her school in sixth grade was life-al­ter­ing.

“It’s been a huge part of my life,” Brewer said.

She has now been to sev­eral FCA camp pro­grams and held lead­er­ship po­si­tions. It was at that first camp that Brewer learned a valu­able les­son: don’t eat a big break­fast. The first ac­tiv­ity af­ter that meal was an ex­er­cise pro­gram start­ing with 30 burpees, a com­bi­na­tion of a jump­ing jack and a pushup.

For Brewer, Fields of Faith is the best part of FCA.

“This night is one of my fa­vorites be­cause it im­pacts so many peo­ple,” Brewer said. “The Holy Spirit just fills the whole sta­dium in a mat­ter of min­utes and it’s amaz­ing.”

Sav­ick ad­mit­ted that at least once he al­most ditched an FCA hud­dle meet­ing, which starts at 7 a.m.

“Life was beat­ing me up,” he said, com­par­ing life to a bully tak­ing his lunch money.

How­ever, he went to the hud­dle and the mes­sage was spot on for his sit­u­a­tion.

“Some­times it can be a lit­tle mes­sage and some­times it can be awe­some,” said Sav­ick, the hud­dle leader at Per­ryville High School. “This time it was awe­some.”

Af­ter all the stu­dent tes­ti­monies, The Rev. Josh McCord, pas­tor of Conowingo Bap­tist Church, de­liv­ered a mes­sage chal­leng­ing the teenagers to not just read their Bi­bles, but to un­der­stand the words and their mean­ing.

Teach­ing from both the Old and New Tes­ta­ment, McCord urged the crowd to know for cer­tain that they be­lieve in Je­sus and have that re­la­tion­ship with Him.

“The power is in the word of God,” McCord said. “All you have to do is con­fess with your mouth.”

“There’s noth­ing you can do to earn your way into heaven,” he said, adding, “that in­cludes 30 burpees.”

Fields of Faith con­cluded with a huge prayer cir­cle on the field with Wil­son and Sav­ick pray­ing over the crowd.

“It was amaz­ing,” Wil­son said of the evening’s events. “We had prayed that the Lord would be ever present and that peo­ple would re­spond.”

Sav­ick said the evening was an an­swer to his prayer.

“The one thing I said was we are not try­ing to change lives, we are just try­ing to show lives can be changed,” Sav­ick said.


Katie Eisen­huth sings the na­tional an­them at the start of Fields of Faith, a Fel­low­ship of Chris­tian Ath­letes event held Wed­nes­day night at Ris­ing Sun High School.


The Rev. Brett Rush, pas­tor of Shiloh Com­mu­nity Fel­low­ship in Quar­ryville, Pa., led the wor­ship mu­sic for Fields of Faith.


Grace­hope Stevens urged the au­di­ence mem­bers at the Fields of Faith event to be bold in their Chris­tian faith.

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