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A Look at the world of reload­ing

For my high school grad­u­a­tion, I asked for and re­ceived a reload­ing set that I used for many years, adding to the ba­sics, as I could af­ford. A friend once told me that you don’t get to save money reload­ing, you just get to shoot three times as much. That’s as true to­day as it was then.

While some of my equip­ment is over fifty years old, some is less than a year. I used to trim cases by hand, as well as re­move primer crimps. Now I bor­rowed an RCBS Case Prep set from Wil Hanks, and it saves lots of work.

The prob­lem is to find small ri­fle primers. There still seems to be an abun­dance of large ri­fle primers, but try to find small ri­fle primers and it’s quite frus­trat­ing. It’s al­most as bad as try­ing to find .22 long ri­fle rounds.

Small ri­fle primers fit cal­ibers like .223, one of to­day’s most pop­u­lar rounds; ap­par­ently peo­ple are buy­ing them as much as they can. I would bet my bot­tom primer that if Hil­lary Clin­ton is elected, there will not be an op­por­tu­nity to buy any more. If you don’t vote in this elec­tion you are a com­plete id­iot.

I went to Ca­bela’s at Chris­tiana, Cameron’s at Ox­ford, Ten X at Ne­wark, (i.e. Ten X is go­ing out of the reload­ing busi­ness) and called Ca­bela’s at Ham­burg. No primers. Fi­nally at the main of­fice I found some; how­ever, there is now a $20 ex­tra ship­ping rate im­posed on them in ad­di­tion to ship­ping and han­dling. A box of 500 is now over $60 rather than the usual $32.

Back to the topic: rather than spend hours prep­ping the cases, it now can be done in a frac­tion of the time, thanks to the case prep tool. If you do any amount of tar­get shoot­ing, it pays to have one.

7.65 Ar­gen­tine Mauser

Many years ago, I built ri­fles; many of them had thumb­hole stocks. One such ri­fle was a 7.65 Ar­gen­tine Mauser ri­fle. Un­for­tu­nately, I sold it. I saw it once at the range a few years ago, so it may still be in the area. If you have it, or know of it, please let me know. I may be in­ter­ested in buy­ing it back.

To­day’s tip

We have var­i­ous speak­ers at our lo­cal MSSA meet­ings. One of them re­paired reels for a liv­ing. Should you have an in­ex­pen­sive reel, it will pay you to buy an­other one, rather than pay to get it fixed; how­ever, if you have a nice reel, get it fixed.

I do re­mem­ber our speaker say­ing a par­tic­u­lar tid­bit: “Use WD-40. It keeps me in busi­ness.” WD-40 gums up over time, and, re­gard­less of claims, it turns to gum, col­lects dust and junk and jams the reel, keep­ing the speaker in busi­ness.

Last-minute get-ready

Muz­zleloader sea­son opens on Thurs­day, Oct. 20 to 22nd for bucks; then un­til Oct. 29 for does only.

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