Tips for cre­at­ing a vir­tu­ally self-clean­ing bath­room

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— Amer­i­cans may be spend­ing less time on house­work, but that’s prob­a­bly not much con­so­la­tion when you’re scrub­bing the toi­let for the third time in a week. Mean­while, hours spent work­ing are tak­ing more of our time, ac­cord­ing to data from the Bureau of La­bor Sta­tis­tics’ Amer­i­can Time Use Sur­vey. Fac­tor in other time de­mands like tak­ing care of the kids, your in-laws, your spouse and your­self, and it’s easy to see why prod­ucts that im­prove clean­abil­ity are gain­ing ground in bath­room de­sign.

For­tu­nately, el­bow grease and harsh chem­i­cal cleansers are no longer the only ways to keep a bath­room clean. To­day, a va­ri­ety of bath­room fix­tures, de­vices and con­struc­tion ma­te­ri­als can all help con­trib­ute to a bath­room that cleans up with less ef­fort from you and stays that way for longer.

In­no­va­tive fix­tures and faucets

Clean­ing the toi­let, tub and shower prob­a­bly doesn’t top any­one’s list of fa­vorite tasks. While it’s still nec­es­sary to do reg­u­lar deep clean­ing, when it comes to daily main­te­nance, a range of new bath­room ad­di­tions can lend a hand.

Self-clean­ing toi­lets — Even in the clean­est house­holds, the toi­let can be a hot­bed for a va­ri­ety of un­pleas­ant­ness. The new Ac­tiClean self-clean­ing toi­let from Amer­i­can Stan­dard can make day-to-day clean­ing of the bowl a much eas­ier task. The press of a but­ton releases clean­ing so­lu­tion into the bowl for ei­ther a one-minute quick clean or a 10-minute deep clean, while the patented VorMax jet­ted flush­ing tech­nol­ogy pow­er­fully scours the bowl to re­move all splat­ter, skid marks and cling­ing waste. At the end of the soak pe­riod, the unit au­to­mat­i­cally siphons away the cleaner and rinses the bowl with clear wa­ter.


Sim­ply press a but­ton, walk away, and let the toi­let do the rest — it’s that easy.

Smarter show­ers — Sure, you can find high-tech, high­cost show­ers that keep shower doors spot­less through nano-tech­nol­ogy that re­pels dirt and wa­ter droplets. But hav­ing an easy-to-clean shower can ac­tu­ally be sim­pler and less ex­pen­sive. It starts by choos­ing the right ma­te­ri­als and de­sign. For ex­am­ple, tra­di­tional shower doors are no­to­ri­ous for build­ing up mold, mildew and grime in door tracks. Frame­less shower doors can elim­i­nate that prob­lem. If you hate mold in tile grout (and who doesn’t?) you have nu­mer­ous op­tions. Tile your shower with a dark tile and dark grout. Or, opt for tiles made with mildew-re­sis­tant coat­ings. For super-easy clean­ing — not to men­tion lead­ing edge de­sign — you can even choose a con­crete shower.

No-touch faucets — The bath­room faucet is the most touched area in a bath­room, which means it can also have the most germs. Af­ter all, ev­ery­one touches it right af­ter us­ing the toi­let (you hope). Touch­less bath­room sink faucets can help re­duce the spread of bac­te­ria and germs, since no one needs to touch them to turn them on. Plus, their hands- free op­er­a­tion en­sures that the faucet stays free of fin­ger­prints, soap scum and tooth­paste splat­ters. A wave of the hand starts the faucet — and you’re on your way to a ti­dier, maybe even im­mac­u­late, bath­room. Cleaner con­struc­tion Of course, if you’ll be ren­o­vat­ing a bath­room or build­ing a new home, the best way to en­sure a cleaner bath­room at the get-go is to start with con­struc­tion ma­te­ri­als that pro­mote clean­li­ness. Mildew re­sis­tant tiles and grout, mold-re­sis­tant paint, and solid sur­face coun­ter­tops can all add up to less clean­ing time down the road.

One of the most im­por­tant fea­tures to in­cor­po­rate into a bath­room to help keep it fresher and health­ier is an ex­haust fan. This will not only re­move un­pleas­ant odors from the bath­room, it will also vent mois­ture out of the room from steamy show­ers and baths. Ex­cess mois­ture in a bath­room is one of the lead­ing causes of mold and mildew, which can be un­sightly, smelly and un­healthy.

Yes, you can achieve free­dom from clean­ing. By in­stalling easy-to-clean bath­room fix­tures and ma­te­ri­als, you can in­vest less time, ef­fort and en­ergy keep­ing the room clean. Un­ex­pected guests — drop in unan­nounced at any time!

The pi­o­neer­ing Ac­tiClean self-clean­ing toi­let from Amer­i­can Stan­dard in­cludes a user-ac­ti­vated, dis­creetly hid­den in­te­grated clean­ing sys­tem, as well as a re­mov­able seat for thor­ough toi­let main­te­nance.

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