Amer­ica is at stake

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We are all be­ing played, Amer­ica.

It has come out now that NBC ex­ec­u­tives have been plan­ning to kneecap Trump all along. Amer­ica needs to un­der­stand this elec­tion is a bat­tle for civ­i­liza­tion, and the elec­tion of Clin­ton will be anal­o­gous to the fall of Rome.

This is not about Trump and any­one ap­prov­ing of him per­son­ally. This is about the move­ment he started. We are fight­ing for Amer­ica, and Hil­lary and the me­dia and the in­side-Wash­ing­tonelites are fight­ing against us all. They don’t care whether Mr. and Mrs. Amer­ica have jobs to pay their mort­gages; they don’t care whether Mr. and Mrs. Amer­ica can have qual­ity health care; they don’t care about our chil­dren or our grand­chil­dren.

The elites only care about them­selves. This is why Clin­ton must be de­feated, or else we are done as a na­tion. If Clin­ton is elected, Amer­ica is over.

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