Judge not lest you be judged

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If to­day’s main­stream me­dia was around dur­ing the Civil Rights Move­ment, would the es­tab­lish­ment use Martin Luther King’s in­fi­deli­ties in an at­tempt to dis­credit or dis­qual­ify him?

His­tory shows us that his per­sonal strug­gles held no weight on his abil­ity to ini­ti­ate change. I don’t need a per­fect leader and nei­ther does Amer­ica. I am tired of per­fect politi­cians who al­ways say the right thing. I am tired of empty, scripted words that re­sult in no ac­tion. We need a leader who is will­ing to trans­late a dar­ing vi­sion into re­al­ity.

Don­ald Trump is a flawed hu­man just like all of us. How­ever, we have been given an op­por­tu­nity to vote for an Amer­i­can ci­ti­zen deeply bur­dened with the state of our coun­try. We have been given the op­por­tu­nity to vote for a man who can no longer ig­nore his con­vic­tion to change this coun­try. The fu­ture of this na­tion is worth more than words spo­ken over a decade ago.

If none of us have ever said some­thing hor­ri­ble then by all means, con­tinue judg­ing some­one for words they have pub­licly apol­o­gized for. If we’re go­ing to judge him for things he has said, then I hope were will­ing to look in the mir­ror at our­selves. Let’s not get dis­tracted from the fact that our coun­try is in sham­bles and Mr. Trump is on the peo­ple’s side.

Stop buy­ing what the es­tab­lish­ment is sell­ing you: the same es­tab­lish­ment that has stolen the voices of Amer­i­can vot­ers.

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