Perryville works to de­ter­mine town bound­aries



— The board got its first re­port Tues­day night on an on­go­ing ef­fort to es­tab­lish the town’s bound­aries.

Don­ald E. Sut­ton, prop­erty line sur­veyor with McCrone Engi­neer­ing, told Perryville’s board of com­mis­sion­ers last week that he has been us­ing both air and ground searches to find all the stone mark­ers that de­fine the bor­ders of the town.

“We’ve found parts that are miss­ing and parts that don’t match,” Sut­ton said of his com­par­isons to older bound­ary maps so far. “Along the Susque­hanna River there’s no in­for­ma­tion.”

Past maps merely in­di­cate that the town’s bound­ary ex­tends “to the Susque­hanna River,” he said.

Com­mis­sioner Alan Fox said he’ll be cu­ri­ous to see how the town’s ri­par­ian rights play out.

“Perryville’s got a con­sid­er­able amount of shore­line that’s sub­ject to change,” Fox said.

For now, McCrone sur­vey­ors are work­ing on a base of in­for­ma­tion us­ing aerial maps and boots on the ground.

“The north­west cor­ner is com­pletely wooded and


blocks out our GPS sys­tem,” Sut­ton said. “Around Mill Creek there are vari­a­tions we have to sort out.”

Ar­eas around the rail­road bridges are not clearly de­fined ei­ther, Sut­ton pointed out.

An­other el­e­ment of the study is com­par­ing the bound­aries with what Ce­cil County and the state of Mary­land view as town lim­its.

Mary Ann Skilling, town plan­ner, said some of the cur­rent maps date back to the 1970s even though there have been an­nex­a­tions since. To keep the map fresh in the fu­ture, Skilling sug­gested the town add lan­guage to its an­nex­a­tion rules that would re­quire any­one seek­ing to join town lim­its to pay for up­dat­ing the maps.

“So any fu­ture an­nex­a­tion will au­to­mat­i­cally tie in,” Skilling said.

Sut­ton ex­pects to be able to present the fi­nal pack­age to Perryville in the spring.

“When it’s fin­ished, the town will get CAD (com­puter-aided de­sign) files,” he said.

While paper maps would also be part of the pack­age, Sut­ton said the com­put­er­ized sys­tem al­lows for bet­ter view­ing.

“With the CAD, you can zoom in or out and see the full pic­ture,” he said.


Don­ald E. Sut­ton, prop­erty line sur­veyor with McCrone Engi­neer­ing, ex­plains to Perryville com­mis­sion­ers how he is es­tab­lish­ing the lo­ca­tion of bound­ary mark­ers in prepa­ra­tion for draw­ing maps show­ing town lim­its.

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