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The best knives are made of high-car­bon stain­less steel and are finely honed, per­fectly bal­anced and ex­pen­sive — a sin­gle chef’s knife of this stature can eas­ily run $500 or more! While knives should be a once-in-a-life­time in­vest­ment, I think it’s a mis­take to spend a lot of money on them. It’s more im­por­tant to in­vest in knives that can be sharp­ened and for you to then keep them sharp. You could buy the best chef’s knife, but if you won’t main­tain it there’s no point in buy­ing it.

An ex­cel­lent starter set that will han­dle all of your needs is a 3-inch straight-edge par­ing knife for peel­ing fruits and vegeta­bles and cut­ting small items; a 5-inch util­ity knife (or sand­wich knife) for slic­ing small items like cheese, fruits or sand­wich in­gre­di­ents; an 8-inch chef’s knife for slic­ing, chop­ping and minc­ing; and a hon­ing de­vice and steel for main­tain­ing your sharp edges be­tween pro­fes­sional sharp­en­ings.

BEST IN­EX­PEN­SIVE KNIFE STARTER SET: Wusthof PRO 5-Piece Starter Knife Set. Made in Solin­gen, Ger­many, Wusthof is a highly re­spected brand of high-car­bon steel cut­lery. It is con­sid­ered top of the line by pro­fes­sional chefs. This set in­cludes a cook’s knife, par­ing knife, bread knife, steel and an eight-pocket knife stor­age roll. This ba­sic set may have all the knives you ever need, though you can add to it with Wusthof Open Stock Cut­lery in the fu­ture. You sim­ply can­not find a bet­ter value than this beau­ti­ful ba­sic set of knives. It costs about $95.

BEST IN­EX­PEN­SIVE HOME KNIFE SHARPENER: Wusthof Pre­ci­sion Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener. Good knives should be sharp­ened pro­fes­sion­ally once ev­ery year or two. It costs about $20.

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