Trou­bled over Elk­ton shootout

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I find it hard to write this let­ter.

I am a Repub­li­can, pro-law en­force­ment type of guy. I wit­nessed the shootout the other day. It sounded like a fire­fight back in my Viet­nam days.

Later, I found out two trou­bled young peo­ple, who were no doubt in trou­ble with the law, had been killed. Yes, they pointed a gun at po­lice — not very smart — but were the po­lice re­ally in im­mi­nent dan­ger?

Easy for me to say, I did not have gun pointed at me, I know. But lets look at the facts, the po­lice had al­ready backed away from the door, with more than 10 guns all pointed at the sus­pect. They told them to put down the gun and they did not. We are not even sure if they fired a shot at po­lice since they only had BB guns.

I un­der­stand the po­lice could not have pos­si­bly known this. My prob­lem is the quick re­ac­tion to fire in­stead of try­ing to ne­go­ti­ate, yes, even with the gun drawn. And then the over­whelm­ing fire­power that was tar­geted at these crim­i­nals, who are still some­one’s son and daugh­ter. The com­ments I hear around to­day is “We got them, rah rah rah.”

My feel­ings is what a shame we did not get a chance to save them from them­selves and maybe through jail and re­hab per­haps help them be­come pro­duc­tive cit­i­zens. Maybe not! We will never know.

Is any­one else trou­bled out there with this chain of events and the loss of these young lives? Or the over­whelm­ing quick use of fire­power by the po­lice?

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